Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday's Treat

When the weather starts to warm up and it is time to bring out the shorts, flip flops, and tank tops, my taste buds naturally start to yearn for ice cream.  And they want ice cream the ENTIRE SEASON.  In order to keep this from causing the need for bigger shorts and tank tops, I look for healthier ways to satisfy my summertime cravings.

The other day I tried something a little different (for me) and I really liked it!  I tried Jala Yogurt Bars, and they are delicious!  Not too sweet, but just enough to satisfy the need for dessert (which occurs every evening for me).  They are 110 calories and, as far as I know, the ingredients are okay.  I did look up one ingredient I often see on food labels and that is xanthum gum.  That sounded suspect to me, but according to WebMD here, it is not bad.

It may be hard to pack in your lunch and take to work, but it is certainly something to look forward to at the end of a hot day!  I have only tried the blueberry so far, but I intend to try the others as well.  I found these at Kroger, but they are probably other places as well.

Give them a try and cool off with this tasty treat!


  1. Looks yummy! And because of a previous Tuesday treat post, Cascadia farms choc chip granola bar is my new fav (and Andrew's too)!

  2. They are delicious, aren't they!! I'm so glad you and Andrew are enjoying them too!