Monday, May 16, 2011

Am I Back?

I've written in the last few posts (which were as few and far between as my runs), that I've felt unmotivated to do much besides lay on the couch and watch cheesy romances.  Did I not say that?  Well, that is exactly how I've felt.  Give me an ice cream sandwich and a cheesy romance movie and I'm good.  And while Jason was out of town, that was pretty much what I did.  Well, except for planting an amazing flowerbed in my front yard and working.  Every night I either watched Ally McBeal on Netflix (don't judge me) or some equally cheesy movie that I will not publicly admit to watching.

I did a little running here and there.  I started and restarted the pushup challenge (I never got passed Day 2 of Week 1).  But the lack of motivation was bothering me and I hoped it would pass soon.  As much as I could get myself to I ran anyway, and most of the time it was a positive experience I tried to remember for next time.

I ended up downloading an iphone app called MyNetDiary, which would help me keep track of my calories so that I wouldn't gain weight with the lessening of my physical activity.  I told it I'd like to lose 4 lbs by August, but I don't care too much about that as long as I don't gain.  This has worked out pretty well.  It holds me accountable for what I'm eating (helping me to stop after ONE ice cream sandwich) and motivates me to get some exercise as well since that increases the intake of calories I can have.  It isn't over the top, it just helps me keep track.

After running the Cotton Row course yesterday and feeling so good, I wanted to hold on to that.  I made a date to meet the girls this morning and ended up running 10 miles.  It felt AWESOME!  I have not run 10 miles since the Andrew Jackson Marathon and before that I was keeping a base of at least one 10 miler a week, if not two.  We averaged a 9:18 pace, which was just fine with me at 5:00 in the morning.  It was chilly with a misty rain, but it was just perfect to me.  My girls, some miles, feeling strong - I have missed it all.

Tomorrow I plan to hit my early morning Yoga class and I will do this every Tuesday until June 7 when I start a Boot Camp class with my sister.  I've never done a boot camp before, but I already feel hard core just signing up.  This will be every Tuesday and Thursday morning for 6 weeks.  I'm excited even though I have no idea what to expect.  On the other days I will run, hopefully fitting in some cycling and swimming as well.

So I feel like I am back.  I don't want to jump the gun but...I'm jumping. I don't think I can use my hot April 9th marathon as an excuse any more and I'm ready to get back to it.  With Cotton Row and Boot Camp coming up, I've got something to look forward to and that is renewing my motivation every day.  A fun sister and awesome running pals help as well.

P.S.  Tuesday Treats WILL be back tomorrow.  And by the way, I was sort of hoping for reader input on those so... get with it. 

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