Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday's Treats

Today's treat is one I found (surprisingly) in the break room at work.  The break room/kitchen here is a mixed bag.  Sometimes I find something healthy and helpful like fruit or pretzel sticks, and sometimes I find baked goods and candies. I try to steer clear of those and most of the time I succeed.  When I saw a box of Newton Fruit Thins there, I was curious and picked up the package to read the label.

I saw nothing unhealthy there, so I tried one.  DELISH!  They are thin, crunchy cookies and come in flavors such as Blueberry and Brown Sugar (my fave), Cranberry Citrus Oat, and Fig and Honey.  They have real bits of fruit in them and you can have 3 cookies for 140 calories, perfect with a cup of coffee.

I was hesitant at first to try these because the regular soft fig newtons have partially hydrogenated oils in them.  These, however, do not.  I think this is true of most (but not all) crunchy cookies versus soft cookies.  To make them soft, manufacturers add unhealthy oils and fats to achieve a texture that is desirable for consumers.  If you prefer a soft cookie, try baking them yourself at home.  My husband bakes cookies from time to time, making small batches so that we each only have 5 or 6 (which sounds like a lot but...okay, its a lot).  These cookies are usually soft, but all the ingredients are natural.  No man-made oils or fats.  Sure, there is sugar and butter, but knowing what I'm getting is better to me than putting something harmful into my system.

So there you have it!  I have found these at Target so far, but I'm sure the other stores will start getting them soon.  Enjoy!


  1. Um...these look great. I'm going to try them out!

  2. I think you will like them!

  3. I found these yesterday at Wal-mart. I am usually a super picky eater, but I thought I'd try them out. I tried one this morning, and it was actually pretty good. I got the chocolate and raspberry flavor-figured I couldn't go wrong with chocolate :) Thanks for the recommendation!