Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Running to Bootcamp

Once my sister and I started our bootcamp class and I knew what to expect from it, I decided I wanted to try running to class and then running home afterward.  The gym is not very far from my house and there is sidewalk the entire way.  Getting out of bed in time, however, has proven to be challenging.  The class is scheduled to start at 5:30 am, but Colin, our instructor, usually starts with the warm-up a few minutes early.  That meant I needed to be dressed and walking out the door by 5:00 am at the latest.

This morning, for some reason, the alarm was really loud and it startled me.  I was wide awake after that and decided today was the day to try running to bootcamp. My clothes were already laid out, along with my watch and ipod just in case I did manage to get out of bed in time.  I filled up a water bottle to take with me and set out.

The morning seemed darker than usual and felt as thick as soup, but it was peaceful and I was excited about this new little challenge.  Running to bootcamp would not be so bad, but running home afterward would be harder.  I figured if I was too tired Julie could drive me home.

I arrived a few minutes before the warm-up. We had thirteen 3-minute stations, each with a cardio exercise and a dumb bell exercise.  And of course, the burpees were back.  I'm getting better at them, but when Colin walks by and tells me to get more air under my feet when I jump up, I laugh inside.  Maybe hysterically.  It takes all I've got to simply get up!

The workout was great as usual, and my entire body felt like jello when we were finished.  I re-filled my water bottle and headed back outside.  I had no choice but to run home since Julie hadn't made it to class.  I forgot Caleb had a fever and she might need to stay with him.  As I started to run on legs that had just done squats of all sorts, lunges in every direction, a million jumps and BURPEES, I comforted myself with the knowledge that I only had 2.2 miles. Surely I could last 2.2 miles...

The sky seemed to have grown even darker and as I started out, I realized there were some menacing looking clouds to the north that appeared to be coming my direction.  I'd like to say here that I ran as hard as I could but it would be more accurate to say I trudged as hard as I could.  After about a mile, my legs seemed to find a rhythm and I picked up the pace a little.  There was no lightning and I got home just fine, missing the downpour by about 20 minutes.

I was completely worn out, but in the good way that shows me I worked.   I think it is good training to force tired legs to run, especially with some triathlons coming up.  It was tough, but worth it.  I will definitely be trying that again.

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