Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekly Activity Report

Such as it is, this is my weekly activity report.  A huge case of the wearies hit me last week.  I'm not sure what it was exactly - if it was the combination of all the new workouts, being low on iron (I slacked off on my multi-vitamin), or not getting enough sleep.  Whatever it was, it was bad.  All I wanted to do was put my head down on my desk because driving home to get in bed would take too much energy. 

And I am not a fan of feeling like that.  I like to feel energetic and ready to tackle the day.  I like being productive, alert and awake, and I like looking forward to my next workout - not wondering if I have the energy to put on my cycling shorts.

What am I doing about this?  Well, I got back on my multi-vitamin and pronto.  I'm also taking a closer look at what I'm eating and I'm trying to pack in some nutrients that give energy and help with recovery.  I'm trying to go to bed a little earlier and sleep in a little later, while still making time for my morning run.

Sunday, June 19  - Ran 4 morning miles

Monday, June 20 - Ran 7 morning miles, swam at gym after work

Tuesday, June 21 - Bootcamp at 5:30, bike ride got rained out

Wednesday, June 22 - Swam at lunch

Thursday, June 23 - Bootcamp at 5:30, bike 20 miles after work

Friday, June 24 - Ran 6 morning miles, swim canceled due to "contamination event" (yikes!)

Saturday, June 25 - Ran 8 miles, dipped in hotel pool, NAPPED

The mileage is certainly not very high and a few workouts got canceled due to weather and other circumstances, but that may have been a good thing based on how I was feeling.  This weekend, Jason attended a swimming clinic in Nashville so I tagged along to get some much desired R&R.  I got to sleep in both Saturday and Sunday until around 7:30 (heavenly), and then I was still able to get in a good run because both mornings were rainy and cool. 

I napped both afternoons, Saturday in our hotel room and Sunday in the car since I had checked out of our hotel while Jason was still in class.  It was a stormy afternoon so I crawled in the backseat with my book and drifted off...for 2 hours!  I never would have thought it would be so peaceful to nap in a car but it was.

I think the afternoon nap and a Sundrop on the way home yesterday may have interfered with getting to sleep last night, so I did not run this morning.  I have packed running clothes and my swimsuit, however, so I can do one at lunch and one after work.  I'd like to rev it up a bit more from last week because the Chattanooga Waterfront Triathlon approaches!


  1. I hope you realize that your workout schedule that you're bummed about is still way more than most fit people do.

  2. I'm not overly bummed, I hope I haven't given that impression. And I do realize that exercise/fitness level is relative. You could compare me to some and I'd be doing a lot. You could compare me to others and my schedule would be laughable. I just try to compare myself to me and my own expectations. I look at what I want to achieve and figure out what needs to be done to get there. If I don't do those things for whatever reason, I sometimes think the result won't be what I had hoped. I try to keep that in perspective too, though since it probably does not really matter all that much.