Thursday, August 4, 2011

Chilling Out

I've decided to chill out a little when it comes to my triathlon training.  Sure, I'm still hoping to do well at the Rocket Man coming up at the end of the month, but I also want to enjoy the journey along the way.  I mean, the point of all this swimming, cycling, and running is to have fun, right?  If it isn't fun, what is the point?  And if I enjoy running the most, followed by cycling, with swimming trailing far behind somewhere, I think that is how it should go down.

But that also fits in with my priorities.  While I will always have a desire to do well in all events, triathlons have never been the top priority.  They started out as a fun way to get through the hot summer months, but I think they have slowly tried to inch their way up the chain of importance in my life.  And when I stop to ask myself if I really care about them...I find that I don't.  What I care about is having fun, running well, and staying healthy and fit.

I haven't been to the pool all week.  I did get in a tiny ride on my bike once, and will do so again this afternoon, weather permitting.  I enjoy cycling a lot more than I used to, especially when I have a pal. My friend Shannon started riding with me a few months ago, and then introduced me to Jane, who also likes to run and bike.  The three of us have been riding one afternoon a week, and I always look forward to it.  That is how it should be!  I don't want to dread my workouts!  I want to look forward to them, whether it is a peaceful solo morning run, or a bike ride with good friends. 

I also believe when my heart is at peace, when I am having a great time doing whatever I am doing, I usually do it better.  Stress, worry, frustration, and the constant struggle for improvement wears the body down, hurting performance.  As Jason wisely reminded me, "Who cares what your time was, as long as you had fun doing it." 

I am happy to say that the fun factor is back.  I'm running a lot more, enjoying my bike rides, and fitting in a swim whenever I feel like it.  My schedule will be changing somewhat this next week as No Boundaries has started back up.  I will run with my Madison team every Tuesday afternoon, which will mean I will move cycling to another day.  That will probably mean fewer swims, but I am okay with that.  I'd much rather work with my No Boundaries peeps than swim back and forth in a pool lane.

Speaking of No Boundaries, we have a BIG group this year.  Fleet Feet kicked up the marketing just in time for our numbers to explode.  I have four friends I have talked into doing it, and I am very excited for them.  I also got to meet several other participants Monday night at kick-off and I saw hope and excitement, mixed with a little uncertainty in their eyes.  I cannot wait for them to see all that they can do.  Man, I love coaching this program.  And coaching in general.  I'm hoping and praying for new opportunities with that as well, and in the meantime learning all I can.  I'm taking Health and Wellness Concepts this semester, and hopefully Nutrition for Fitness and Sports next semester, along with Essentials of Personal Training.

So yeah, this chilling out thing is working out well. 

The Madison and Huntsville No Boundaries coaches with Liz Hurley


  1. Great post Jane!! It's so funny how different people need different things. I have had to take a step back from coaching (which I dearly love) in order to put some concentrated effort into performance and hard work. Coaching had become a way for me to ignore my own internal competitive drive--the drive that I know God put in me for a reason. FOR ME it (that drive) is bringing me more and more joy every day. I am seeing clearly that God works with each of us in unique ways and while some people might have to take a step way back in order to give Him the glory, others (like me) have to be willing to set fears aside and allow His strength to shine through. I guess what I'm trying to say (poorly) is that "strength" can take on many forms. For some that might mean sitting down, for others it might mean getting up and doing more. I hope that makes even the tiniest bit of sense!! I'm really happy for you that you are finding out and DOING what is bringing you true inner JOY (as opposed to worldly happiness).

  2. I'm glad you are focusing more on what means the most to you. And I hope the NOBO is going well!