Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lots O' Runnin'

And that's how I like it.  While my weekly mileage numbers are not as high as they are when running in the winter and marathon training, they are the highest they've been in a while.  My knee gave me a little break this week, allowing me to push a little harder and run a little further. 

Here's the weekly activity report:

Sunday, July 31 - Weights at the gym and 4 miles on treadmill
Monday, Aug 1 - Ran 9 miles in the morning, No Boundaries kick-off that night
Tuesday, Aug 2 - Ran 4 miles that morning, weights after work, short bike ride - 5 miles
Wednesday, Aug 3 - Speed work at track for a total of 6 miles that morning
Thursday, Aug 4 - Weights at the gym at lunch, bike ride after work - 12 miles
Friday, Aug 5 - Ran 6 miles with the girls that morning, ran 3 fast miles after work
Saturday, Aug 6 - Ran 11 morning miles with Katie

That is a total of 43 miles on foot, and 17 miles on the bike.  I'd like more on the bike, but with the No Boundaries kick-off and crazy weather conditions, I had to rearrange things a little.  Doing 43 miles at the W.C. Handy ride on Saturday of the previous week made it alright with me.  My bum needed a rest! 

As you  may notice, I have started to include a weekly weight routine.  Jason got me started on Sunday, and the plan is to go twice during the week and once during the weekend.  I will have to be flexible with my times for this, but that should not be a problem. I think weight training is an important part of my overall training that has been missing for a long time.  So far, I am enjoying it (and seeing how weak I am!). 

I have really enjoyed this week.  I've done what I loved the most, taken time for other things when needed, and it has been GREAT!  I have also enjoyed counting and keeping an eye out for gifts (see 1000 Gifts page).  God gives me gifts every day, and I am blown away if I keep my eyes open and look for them.  My mom and I are e-mailing each other our gifts each day, and I have enjoyed sharing mine with her and getting to read her gifts.  It is hard to feel anything other than thankful when my eyes are focused on all the things God has given me.  I find this easier to do in the mornings (and on Saturdays), but I'm trying to teach myself to continue looking throughout the day.

God bless you all as you rest from a busy week and get ready to start a new one (and SCHOOL for many of you!)

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