Friday, August 12, 2011

Foggy Friday Running

Sometimes I think the very best part of my day happens before 7:00 am.  As I told Mom the other day in regards to counting our gifts, it is easiest to find them in the early morning hours spent running - witnessing sunrises, bird song, peaceful solitude or conversation with close friends.  During the long, sometimes monotonous hours at work, I forget to keep an eye out. I get bored, I get annoyed, I want to do something else... and I forget about my wonderful, gift-filled morning.

This morning was one of those mornings.  Now that No Boundaries has started again, I offer a Friday morning alternate run to any participants who want company, coaching or encouragement on another of their 3 weekly workouts besides our regular Tuesday afternoon session.  The meeting spot is only 2 miles from my house, so I usually run there, run with them, and then run back home.

When I opened the door this morning, I was surprised to see a heavy fog had descended some time in the night.  It was still dark outside and the fog was thick, but instead of being eerie it was peaceful.  The birds were not bothered by the fog and they sang out as usual.  The misty fog made everything seem quieter and sleepier, as if I really was the only one out there (besides all the birds).  It was so pleasant!

I jogged to meet the group, not really knowing who or how many would be there.  When our meeting place came into view, I saw a crowd!  There were four No Boundaries runners, a participant from a previous session, and three other coaches.  I was so impressed!  We did our workout, and I enjoyed catching up with a friend I worked with long ago.  After the run I stood around and chatted with them for a bit before running back home.  

I love peaceful morning runs.  I love helping new runners get started and discover something they like to do.  I love talking with friends, old and new.  I love seeing the world wake up, and I love that I love all of these things.  I also love writing about it all (as you've probably noticed) because my hope is that someone will read something they like and go try it themselves.  Maybe someone will be encouraged.  Sometimes that someone is me.  I often return to a post to relive a morning moment, to remind myself of the gifts I've received, especially during those moments when I find it hard to see them. 

In her book, "One Thousand Gifts," Ann Voskamp describes the writing down of our daily gifts to be like "unwrapping love."  I think of my returning to my posts and my list like that.  It is unfortunate how easily I can forget the glory all around me.  I can so easily get bogged down in my computer screen, to-do lists, shuffling paper from one side of my desk to the other, and the endless needs of students and co-workers... that I forget I had the most magical, gift-filled morning... just like that.

So I have recorded, once again, a gift-filled experience that I can return to and unwrap all over again.  My hope is that you too, dear reader, will find some wonderful gifts just waiting for you to unwrap today as well!

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