Tuesday, September 6, 2011

From Adam Goucher and Tim Catalano to YOU!

As promised, I have Adam's and Tim's response to all who entered the "Running the Edge" giveaway this past week and wrote about how running has transformed their lives.  Without further ado, here is what they had to say!

First of all a big thank you to Jane for including us in her first giveaway!  She is a gift to the running blog community! 
As we were reading the comments, we were so deeply moved by some of the stories that we asked if we could reply in a guest blog.  Jane was kind enough to agree so we tried to think of a general way to communicate how we felt about these stories.  The only thing we could think of was to respond to each one of them individually.  Find your name below and a brief note from one of us.  Thank you all again for sharing your stories!  - Adam and Tim

Julie - You are so right about running friends!  The bond created through the miles and hours spent training together is very unique and strong.  I love running with Kara and if Colt ever decides to go for a run I will treasure that experience as well.  - Adam

Jason - A 10K at the age of 4?  That is truly a LIFETIME of running. I am sure with all the lessons you have learned over the years you have plenty to share and pass on to younger runners.  All the best!  - Adam

Lois - Both Adam and I can relate to your story.  It is unlikely either of us would have ended up in college without running and it has definitely kept us away from possible bad influences and situations (other that each other! :))  Enjoy the run!  - Tim

Lauriea - Like Tim said above, we can relate to these types of stories.  It is great to hear how running can give people a higher self esteem and sense of accomplishment.  That confidence spills into every other area of life and can make a tremendous difference in other aspects of your life.  Keep it up! - Adam

Mark - We both laughed out loud after reading this!  Because of you we are thinking about writing a blog from a running dogs perspective.  Keep an eye on our blog in the next few months and you might see it!  With or without a dog, running can make an otherwise straight forward life seem like something adventurous and challenging!  - Tim

Audrey - Welcome to the running family!  We are happy to have you and we hope that the advice, tools, motivation, and inspiration you find in Running the Edge will get you through many more Canadian runs!  - Adam

Runnergirl - Wow!  You and I should get together and compare injury and scar stories.  Isn’t it strange how we can love something that breaks our bones?!  We could also talk a lot about the highs and lows of running.  You will find many of my highs and certainly lows in our book.  Good luck with your masters goals.  I am right behind you and hope to still be collecting age group medals throughout my life! - Adam

Julie Sam - I have also been an “off and on” runner since graduating from college.  I have stopped running for up to six months at a time but the feeling of being fit and enjoying that amazing post workout high always lures me back and gets me back on my feet.  I am happiest when I am fit and running.  Your daughters are lucky to have a running mom setting a good example!  - Tim

Robert - We are both HUGE high school cross country fans!  This is where it begins for a lot of runners and if you can run through college as well, you will create a lifetime of very special memories.  Good luck this season.  Keep us posted on how you are doing on our facebook page.  - Adam

Nicole - We hope you love our book but you will not find any information about mechanics or training advice or workout plans.  We think you will enjoy the book and hopefully it will inspire you to BE a better runner by enhancing some of your running attributes.  Let us know how it compares to the others you have read and good luck in your running and thirst for knowledge!  - Tim

Brandi - My wife Kara would agree that running makes you a better mom.  Keep it up! - Adam

Rachel - You are so right.  Runners learn discipline and just how far consistent hard work can take you.  The lessons are so valuable in every other area of your life.  Sounds like you and Jacob were made for each other! - Tim

Jill - It is stories like these that give me chills.  The fact that you have developed such a strong passion for running and that you have a supportive family is really inspiring!  Like you I was hooked after my very first race.  Congratulations on the 5k and 10k accomplishments and good luck in the half.  Pretty soon we will see you in a full marathon! - Adam

Tom - We would be honored to be a part of your library!  Running can certainly help you through both the highs and lows or life.  Running teaches you how to handle both with a healthy perspective.  - Tim

Shannon - Please come run with me!  I need someone to talk to me to make me forget from time to time!  The great part about running is that you can fill that need to be competitive throughout your whole life!  - Adam

Liam - I am glad you liked Running with the Buffaloes.  Those are some great memories for me.  I hope you like Running the Edge just as much even though it is a very different kind of book.  There are tons of stories in this new book that will give you a better idea of who I really am.  - Adam

Justin - I love your story!  You are right that running rewards hard work and if you are ending races in vomit then you are either pushing yourself very hard or you need to look at what you are eating before the race.  You will love the story at the beginning of Chapter 1! - Tim

Katie - What a great goal to run a marathon in every state. And what is even better is that you get to do this with your husband!  I plan on running my first Marathon this January at the Olympic trials. Then I will finally be able to see first hand what my wife keeps telling me about it.  Good luck in your quest! - Adam

Scott - We might need to interview you for our blog!  You must have some crazy stories from over 100 ultras and 50 marathons!  What an inspiration you must be to everyone who knows you!  We would love to hear some of your stories and what you think about Running the Edge!  Email us at info@runtheedge.com -Tim

Gaye - Isn’t “Flower” great!  She was a huge influence on me both as a runner and as a person.  I will never forget the lessons she taught me in high school.  Good luck in your own running career!  - Adam

Debra - You have gone from mostly walking with some running here and there to two half marathons!  That is a huge accomplishment!  Good luck in your race in three weeks!  Let us know how you do! - Tim

One Heart - This comment ranks as one of my favorites of all time on any running blog including our own!  Yes you are a little crazy and yes you are strong, capable, determined, passionate, and resilient.  You are also an inspiration.  Yes you can learn these things about yourself in a single day in a single race.  You will love our book because it is about EXACTLY these things!  - Tim

Mrs C - Can we bottle your energy and passion and sell it to people?  Like you I love proving people wrong when they say I can’t do something.  After all you have done, you not only proved them wrong you proved yourself right.  Reading your story has inspired me more than you know.  I am proud to be a runner and kindred spirit with you!  - Adam

Nate - Do you know Ben Davis?  We did a blog about him and how he lost 120lbs running and he is featured as a story in our book (Chapter 15 I think).  Your story reminds me of his.  I read your comment before Adam did and then tried to paraphrase your words about being the most out of shape to most in shape in crowds.  I didn’t do a very good job getting your words right but know you had us talking about YOU!  Well done and keep it up!  - Tim

Ohio Girl - What can I say?  I want to hear more about your story.  Tim and I live for inspirational people like you.  Would you be willing to share your story in more detail?  We could maybe put it up on our blog and let our readers be inspired by you!  If you are willing to share contact us as info@runtheedge.com  Keep up the running and belief in yourself! - Adam

Purple Lab - Yes!  When running becomes its own reward then you have really arrived.  When you do not have to race a certain distance or get a certain time or weigh a certain amount to love the sport then you are a true runner.  You can run because the process itself is the payoff.  This is a lesson that can take years to learn but when it hits you it is truly powerful! - Tim

Celeste - You are not taking the gift for granted now!  Life changes and so do our priorities.  You do not have to run every day or even every week to be a runner.  Your goals for running might be different than someone who is training to qualify for Boston or run a new PR but that does not mean that you can’t enjoy the sport and the gift on your terms as it fits into your personal and family life.  You have also shared the gift with others by coaching high school and now with your own children.  Running is always a better gift when shared!  - Adam

Eric - The great thing about being a runner is that you are given permission to be a bit socially awkward and still fit in perfectly!  On some level we are all a little strange but that is what makes us unique and the most interesting people at most gatherings!  Congratulations on the weight loss and increased proficiency at blowing snot rockets!  - Adam and Tim

Tina - We have a chapter in our book called “Because it’s Hard" which talks about exactly that idea.  If running were easy, not as many people would choose to do it and it certainly would not give you that tremendous sense of self satisfaction. - Tim

Julia - We have several chapters and sections in the book that talk about running with other people and how valuable shared experience can be.  It sounds like you could have written those parts!  May you have many many more years of those runs with your running girls! - Adam

Brandy - You have taken control of your health and your life and now you are sharing that experience with your whole family!  What a gift and what an inspiration you are.  Hopefully running will be a constant companion in your life for years to come!  Good luck in Nashville and please let us know how you do!  - Tim

Cara - I think looking at food and nutrition as a way to fuel your body and your running passion is a healthy outlook.  Smoking and running don’t really go together and the fact that you quit smoking shows which is a more powerful influence in your life!  You will be a great mom with the lessons you have already learned.  Keep it up!  - Adam


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  3. You are most welcome, but the credit goes to the guys! This was their idea. I just posted and color coded. ;)

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  5. Wow, thanks Jane and thanks Adam and Tim for taking the time to respond! You guys rock!