Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ironnerves for the Ironman

It is almost here.  Ironman Wisconsin.  This will be my husband's second Ironman.  And the wife is a nervous wreck!  Okay, maybe not a wreck, but I'm getting the butterflies already.  Not because I don't think he can do it and do it well.  I know he can.  I also know his hopes and his goals and how, just like many athletes, he can be hard on himself when his performance is not what he thinks it ought to be.

So as wife, best friend, cheerleader and president of his fan club (hee hee), I REALLY want him to reach his goals.  I want him to succeed at everything he does and I want him to be proud of himself.  It is this that makes waiting and watching both exciting and nerve wracking. 

Still, nerves aside, I'm pretty excited.  I loved watching the Louisville, Kentucky Ironman last year.  It was amazing and inspiring and moving, and when I saw Jason come through that finish line, I thought I might explode with pride.  So I am looking forward to doing it all again.

I'm also prepared.  I'll be catching the shuttle to the swim start EARLY in the morning with Jason and from there I will catch another shuttle to where I can cheer him on during the bike ride. I'll then catch that same shuttle back to the transition area and be ready to cheer for him as he starts and completes his marathon.  I've packed a little drawstring bag that I will carry with me and in it I will have my camera, iphone, water bottle, sunglasses, sunscreen, the athlete information booklet, snacks and money for more snacks (cheerleaders have to stay well fueled, you know).  Am I forgetting anything?

I have also made sure that I can be easily spotted by my athlete and that other supporters will know my status as wife, cheerleader and fan club president.  Instead of ordering this most important supporter apparel, I made it. 

So yeah, this Ironwife is READY!


  1. Love your crafty shirt! Good luck to your husband and enjoy your trip! I've never been anywhere near Wisconsin so I'll be looking for your pictures. :)

  2. Why thank you! :) It was a lot of fun to make! I think maybe I should now start taking t-shirt orders. :)