Monday, September 26, 2011

A Reason to Laugh on a Monday

I am currently taking a course at UAH called Health and Wellness Concepts.  This is one of the many courses I will take to earn my Fitness and Wellness Certificate.  I really like this class because it focuses on all aspects of wellness, not only physical fitness.  Tonya Hardy, the instructor, has all sorts of fun and interesting activities for us to do as we learn all kinds of great information about physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.  

One such assignment was to create a brochure or video infomercial about our favorite physical fitness activity and to sort of "sell it" as the best way to get fit. Well... you can guess what I chose.  But I didn't want to write up a brochure because...well... I write about running all the time!  I wanted to do the video infomercial option and I knew just the gal to help me.  You know her from the many mentions throughout my blog as well as her two guest posts about Racing and Running with Dogs.  Julia works for Dreammaker Entertainment and has a ton of experience with video and video editing so I asked her if she could help.

Now, when I asked her I was thinking something like her holding a video camera and me running down the sidewalk and stopping to talk about running.  She, however, had greater visions.  She asked her boss if we could work in the studio and he said yes.  I wrote up my script, covering all the information required in the assignment and e-mailed it to her for the teleprompter.  They used a green screen as my background so that we could put whatever we wanted in the background of the video, and I felt a bit like a movie star as we did retakes from different angles and whenever I got tongue tied. 

It was a lot of fun.  I worked with both Julia and Jim on Friday after work to record the video and then Julia and I met Saturday to edit it and turn it into what it is now.  And really, I just watched her work and told her what I liked.  Julia did all the rest.  

And so for your viewing pleasure, I am embedding it here for you.  I'd say don't laugh, but that is sort of the point.  We played up the cheese factor and tried to find videos that went along with what I was saying.  So if you need a reason to chuckle on a Monday, here it is.  Enjoy!


  1. This is awesome!!! The stuff is the background cracked me up!


  2. Ha ha! That is awesome! You are actually quite good on camera :) The backgrounds were great!

  3. Cute!!!!! I loved the Friends clip. That is so funny! And I thought the information you gave was very good too. Good job to both of you girls!

  4. I hope you got an A. :)

  5. Yeah, the clips are pretty great. It was all Julia and her creativity, and it was so fun to do.

    I hope I get an A too. I have a good feeling about it, but I will let you know! ;)