Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ultra Training Week 4

Finally!  A great training week.  It is a little later than planned and there are still no weights mixed in (I am so horrible at that), but it is much better on the mileage.  If interested, take a look!

Sunday, Sept 18 - ran 5 miles, 8:31 pace. 
I needed to try out my new shoes.  Pricey, but worth it!  So much has improved since I got them.  I don't think shoes are the sole way to fix issues - I think a good bit of that is form - but I do think they have their place.

Monday, Sept 19 - ran 8 miles with Jane, 10:00 pace
Great morning run with Jane (yes I have a running partner named Jane) and it was her first time running 8 miles.  I love being a part of those first time runs. 

Tuesday, Sept 20 - ran 6.3 morning miles, 9:06 pace.  It was a drizzly morning and I almost didn't get out, but I knew if I wanted those miles I had to go. 
Ran 2.5 miles that afternoon to mark the No Boundaries course.

Wednesday, Sept 21 - ran 3 afternoon miles,  8:30 pace.  I was pretty tired, but glad to do a little something after a day of sitting.

Thursday, Sept 22 - ran 10.2 morning miles with the girls, 9:54 pace.  First 5 with the group, second 5 with Julia.  She was doing 10 so I tagged along. 

Friday, Sept 23 - ran 4 miles - 2 miles to the Nobo run, 2 miles back home.  The first 2 miles were 9:22 pace, the second were 8:30 pace.  It was a chilly morning and I liked it!

Saturday, Sept 24 - ran 16 miles, 9:02 pace.  Started at 4:45 with the girls, had to make a pit stop at mile 4.  Hung on to Julia and Katie from a distance before going my own way.  They are both finishing up their marathon training and they are strong and ready to rock it!  This run for me was sort of a test to make sure I'm not going to fall out next weekend.  I let Mom talk me into a little marathon and training will consist of what you have seen here.  Hardly marathon training, but I'm hoping to have some strength reserves in there somewhere that make me tough enough to hang in for 26.2 miles.  If that is not the case, I told Mom I would run as far as I could and then find a spot under a tree and wait for her there.  Sort of tortoise and hare style. 

Anyway, the week totals 55 miles and that makes me feel like I'm finally getting this ultra training started (at week 4, ha!).

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