Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ultra Training Week 1

If I could define this week in one word, it would be TI-YERD (southern speak for tired).  While I had some pretty good runs, there wasn't a lot of sleeping going on and I think I felt the affects of that later in the week.  Since mornings were so early and sleep so rare the first few days, I never did have enough energy and motivation to get to the gym for weights.  I will have to start anew with that this week.

Here is what I wanted to week to look like according to my personalized guide:

Aug 28 - Sep 3
Sun - off
M - 7 miles
T - 10+ miles in the a.m./No Boundaries in the p.m.
W - 6-8 miles in the a.m./weights in the p.m.
Th - 6-8 miles in the a.m./3 miles in the p.m.
F - 4-6 miles in the a.m./weights in the p.m.
Sat - Monte Sano 10k and 5k - 10-11 miles total
Total: ~ 45 miles

Here is what the week actually looked like.

Sun - rest

Monday - 7 miles a.m. with Jane (on about 3 hours of sleep) - 10:00 pace
2 miles with Fayetteville No Boundaries group p.m. - 10:30 pace

Tuesday - 11 miles with Katie (at 4:15 a.m.) -  9:32 pace
1.5 miles p.m. to mark the No Boundaries course

Wednesday - 3 hot miles p.m. - 8:43 pace

Thursday - 8 miles a.m. - 8:52 pace (last two miles I got really hot and tired).

Friday - 4.2 morning miles with No Boundaries run between the first 2 and second 2 - splits were 9:30, 8:50, 8:01, 8:18.

Saturday - Monte Sano 10k (51:02), Monte Sano 5k (27 ish) for a total of 10 miles in 1:25 - average pace 8:34.

Total mileage: 46.7 for the week.

That is pretty close to the plan I made, and I am pleased with that.  For the upcoming week I'd like to see some weight workouts, I'd like more consistent distances, and I'd like to slowly pick-up the pace getting the majority of my runs under 10:00.  During the summer months I allow my pace to be whatever it is as I try to survive the heat and humidity.  As things begin to cool down however, I feel more able (and willing) to push the pace back down to where I want it to be (and maybe even further).  The weather promises to be cooling down this week and I am SO EXCITED!  I feel ready to carve a pumpkin. (Jumping the gun, I know).

All in all, I think it is a pretty good start to my ultra training. 

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