Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ultra Training Week 2

This has been one of those training weeks where I had to just roll with the crazy schedule life handed me and get in what miles I could.  I'm not complaining about that however.  The crazy schedule included getting ready for and getting ourselves to Madison, Wisconsin for the Ironman (which is TOMORROW, by the way). 

We had nonstop rain from Sunday afternoon until Tuesday night.  This got in the way of any running on Monday (which smarted since we had Monday off and I could have easily run until my heart's content) as well as any doubles on Monday or Tuesday.  Following the rain came the most glorious weather imaginable and I tried to make use of this as much as possible.  Tuesday and Wednesday were busy days as I went to work, fit in as much running as I could, and ran errands to get ready to head out of town for over a week.  Thursday I got up early, ran, and we hit the road for Wisconsin, arriving Friday morning.  Jason checked in, picking up his packet, chip, arm band and transition bags, and then we shopped at the Ironman store before fitting in another run.  This morning, before taking all of his gear to the transition area, I was able to get in another run.  Below are the mileage numbers for this crazy week.  Not exactly what I had planned, but not too bad either. 

Here is what I had planned:
Sep 4 - 10
Sun - off or light and easy run/weights
M - 7 miles a.m./3-4 miles p.m.
T - 6-8 miles a.m./No Boundaries in the p.m.
W - 6-8 miles a.m./weights in the p.m.
Th - 8 miles a.m./3-4 in the p.m.
F - 4-6 easy miles/weights in the p.m.
Sat - 10-12 miles
Total: ~ 48-50 miles

Here is how it went down:
Sunday - 6.1 morning miles with Katie - 10:19 pace.
I think we were both a little creaky from the Monte Sano Road Races the day before, but it was very nice to get out and move those sore and tired muscles with good company.

Monday - Nada.  Spent the rainy day in Fayetteville, TN with my fam.  Had a great time, but no miles were run that day.

Tuesday - 9 afternoon miles - 8:19 pace. 
No Boundaries was canceled due to the rain, but I decided after no miles on Monday, I had to face the drizzle.  It ended up being a pretty awesome run.

Wednesday - 7 morning miles with Jane - 9:42 pace. 

Thursday - 8.3 morning miles - 8:33 pace
Felt pretty good despite semi-sore quads and the morning was absolutely beautiful!

Friday - 6.1 afternoon miles in Madison, Wisconsin - 9:04 pace
I ran on a path around the lake where Jason will be swimming his 2.4 miles in the morning.  It was very windy and I was very tired, but I was glad to get in a good run in new surroundings.

Saturday - 8.1 miles in Middleton, Wisconsin - 9:12 pace
The running and cycling paths here are amazing.  They are everywhere!  This was a different path from the one in Madison.  I had planned 12, but I was tired and I didn't want to hold up Jason getting his bike set up in transition, so I cut it short. 

That gives me a total of 44.6 for the week.  While not exactly as much as I'd planned to fit in, it isn't too far off either.  I've felt a little fatigued this week and I can't figure out if it is due to the Monte Sano Road Races, the monthly woman thing, traveling or a combination of all three, but I'm hoping to give that 12 miler another go this coming week, and get in a few more 8's and maybe a 10 as well since we will be vacationing and free time will be in abundance. 

Tomorrow will be a rest day of sorts since I won't be running, and I think these legs need a break.  Still, while I won't be doing any running, I will be spending lots of time on my feet as I cheer for my Ironman and hurriedly get myself from point to point to support him in each event.  I am so excited I can hardly stand it! 

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