Thursday, October 13, 2011

November Needs to be Massive

This is what I'm thinking as I write out a new ultra training plan.  It probably is not that different from the one I made about 7 weeks ago, but I've deviated from that one so much that I want to refocus and make sure I'm getting in the long runs, 2-a-days, and cross training I need.  Otherwise, I'm afraid I'll just run 6-8 miles a day and time will slip away from me.

I want to pull out last year's calendar and take a look at my previous ultra training, but I keep forgetting to get it.  I do have my monthly totals from last year, however (I have become a running numbers nut, and I like it) and one thing I noticed was that the month before my ultra (September) was HUGE on the mileage (for me).  My ultra was the second weekend in October last year, and the mileage for September was 237. 

This gives me hope.  I am not as off track as I thought.  As Jason pointed out when I was getting frustrated, I still have time to be ready.  But November mileage needs to be massive (for me), and I need to begin the ramping up process now.  If all goes as planned, October should be somewhere around 220 miles, which is a good lead-up to November which would be around 270 IF all goes as planned. That is a pretty big if, but I like having it there anyway.

The concerning thing is, looking back at the plan I just made, I only have three 20 milers planned... I'm not sure if that is enough long runs or not.  I have plenty of 2-a-days and some longer runs back to back... I'm just wondering if I need more 20+ milers.  I feel that I should plan as I go on that one, listening to my body and seeing what it is willing to do.

Anyway, this is me just thinking out loud really (or by keyboard).  Refocusing.  I think I've talked Jason into doing yoga with me twice a week at the local YMCA.  I hope we stick to that.  I think that would be really good for a body running all those miles, not to mention strengthening my core and upper body so it can hold up for 10+ hours of running.

In other news, we have another of our morning running crew who is going for a marathon PR this weekend.  Our very own guest-poster, Julia is going for a 3:35 in Columbus, OH this Sunday.  Julia is the youngest of our group and since she joined us, we've seen her get faster and faster.  She is super disciplined when it comes to her training plan, getting up and getting after it every morning, and staying on schedule whether it calls for a long run, a track workout, or rest.   GOOD LUCK, JULIA!  It will be another edge-of-my-seat kind of Sunday.


  1. Thank you so much! I am carbo-loading like a champ and compulsively checking the weather forecast. I hope I'm ready! Thanks for all the encouragement during my training. :)

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