Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday's Treat

Today's treat is another favorite of mine and it is the pistachio!  I have become so addicted to these little green nuts that I eat them almost every day.  My brand of choice is Wonderful Pistachio and they can be found just about anywhere.  Pour 1/2 cup into a bag or plastic container for a 160 calorie salty snack (or you can get them unsalted if you prefer).  Sam's Club sells boxes of them in individual snack-sized bags as well. 

I like taking them to work because they are quick and easy to pack and they take  me a little while to eat so I get to enjoy them longer.  They have all sorts of vitamins and minerals that we need, fiber, and antioxidants.  For more info on how good they are for you, go here

For more on Wonderful Pistachios, go here.  And enjoy!


  1. i can't see pistachios without saying, "mo 'stash-yos!" when amelia was about 18 months, she was addicted to these. :) we can go through a bag in no time... wish they were a little cheaper!

  2. I wish they were cheaper too! A co-worker gave me several coupons for them because she knows I love them, but I don't know where she got them. I keep a look out for them, though!