Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Get Fired Up!

I think I have always been an enthusiastic person, maybe even annoyingly so at times.  When I love something, enjoy something or when I am moved by something, I get excited about it.  Lots of words, smiles, exclamation points, hand gestures - the works. 

One of the things I'm enthusiastic about is running (GASP).  Sure there are a lot of factors that go into that such as health and fitness, time with God, witnessing nature, and the way I've seen it change my life and the lives of others.  But there is also the simplicity of going out for a run, feeling strong, pushing the pace, sweating and feeling good afterward.  I love that.

Today, Life is Good posted a quote on Facebook that said, "Enthusiastically do what fills you with enthusiasm."  For some reason, when I read this, it was like receiving permission to love what I love and to do what I love, and that it is okay to be enthusiastic about running. 

By Tuesday of this week, distance running and training had come up in conversation twice and both times I received strange looks and the question, "why?" asked in that way that says, "that's ridiculous."  I didn't really defend it and I didn't really answer the question either.  I just smiled and moved on to the next topic.  But on my run last night, I thought, "why not?"  What else am I supposed to be doing?

Life can be so boring and mundane sometimes.  Filled with long work hours sitting at a desk inside a building, people's words and opinions that are unpleasant, arguing, jealousy, ugliness, arrogance, time spent doing things that don't really matter, making tough decisions...but if I started the day running into a sunrise or if I know I'm going to conclude it with a run on a gorgeous fall afternoon... it makes it all seem okay, maybe even easier.  And for those moments when I'm out there - just me, maybe some songs on my ipod or a friend, running, breathing, feeling free - it is wonderful!  I can be whoever I want, think whatever I want, run wherever I want, dream, hope, pray, think, be.  I can just be.

And then there's that feeling of accomplishment after a race.  For me, this comes after a half-marathon, marathon, or ultra when I feel for a moment that I have transcended the human condition.  I have taken my body, created for me by God, and I have made it strong and powerful.  I have done more than I ever believed possible.  I have overcome weakness, I have been brave, I have held on when it was tough.  These are things I strive to do in my daily life but how often am I really successful?

So there is a small piece of the "why".  Because I do believe we should enthusiastically do what fills us with enthusiasm.  Life is really too short to do anything else.  Life really is good, and for me getting outside and running around helps me see that. 

What are you enthusiastic about?  Are you going after it?  I hope so!

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  1. Great post. I just finished the book The Traveler's Gift (by Andy Andrews, the speaker at the Rainbow Omega dinner). It's fiction, but also self help. It has 7 steps to becoming successful in life. You would love it. Your post reminded me of what he says in the book. I read it in a day, so it's a great little book!