Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ultra Training Week 7

This week was filled with good training miles and special moments with other running friends.  See below for the weekly numbers and the moments.

Sunday, Oct 9 - rest

Monday, Oct 10 - 9 morning miles with my girls, 9:33 pace.  No knee pain due to my rest day.  That was big.

Tuesday, Oct 11 - 6 morning miles with the girls, 10:40 pace.  The legs were feeling a little tired, but it was still good to be out.  Ran 2 afternoon miles to mark the LAST No Boundaries course, 8:15 pace.

Wednesday, Oct 12 - 7.37 morning miles with the girls, 10:10 pace.  I was feeling pretty good and wanted to go further, but ran out of time.

Thursday, Oct 13 - 7.02 afternoon miles, 8:32 pace.

Friday, Oct 14 - 11.61 morning miles with the girls.  Hit 1 hard hill and slowed down for the last 3.  I was tempted to stop at 8, but knew I needed those extra miles.

Saturday, Oct 15 - Ran the Liz Hurley Ribbon Run 5k in 23:43, 7:39 pace.  Ran .60 before the race with Katie, and 5.3 after with Jessica, giving me 9 for the day.

The total for the week was 52 miles.

This week was extra special for a few reasons.  First, we had a GREAT last run with our No Boundaries group.  It was a misty, rainy afternoon but everyone got out there anyway and we ran, laughed and cheered each other on.  I could feel the air of excitement as we concluded our 5k training program with only the race before us.

Then, Madelyn, one of the girls in our morning crew rejoined us for the first time in months.  She has been dealing with some thyroid issues which completely drained her of energy.  As an extremely energetic person who loves her morning runs, this was very tough on her, and it has been something we've been praying about for a long time.  When she came and joined us Tuesday morning, it was so exciting to see those answered prayers.  She ran 6 miles, feeling great and giving thanks.

On Friday we ran 11.6 and Jan, another of our morning crew, ran 12 miles for the first time ever.  Toward the end of the run, it was just she and I, and it was so fun to be able to tell her congrats on her longest run to date as she trains for her first half-marathon.  I got to experience this again as my No Boundaries group and my mom's Fayetteville No Boundaries group completed the Liz Hurley Ribbon Run 5k today.  It is so moving to witness so many people do something they have worked so hard to do and share in their excitement as they reach their running goals.  I cannot express what an honor it is to be a part of someone's journey as a runner in these moments. 

Completing the Ribbon Run 5k wasn't the last of these moment's today, however.  My friend Jessica is training for her first half marathon as well, and she needed 8 miles for today.  After the race, we ran 5.3 together and when we finished she told me it was her longest run to date.  It was another special moment as we gave each other a sweaty congratulatory hug and I got to share in her excitement over reaching another training milestone.

So as you can see, not only was it a good ultra training week, it was an extra special week filled with wonderful moments of triumph.  These moments fuel me.  They fill me up and spur me on to push myself as I see so many pushing passed their limits, on to their own personal triumphs.  This is why running is so great and why I feel so blessed to call myself a runner. 

With all of this in my heart...I carry on with my training feeling so humbly blessed by all these miles and moments.


  1. This is really random but I think you might have ran with my friend Tracey! I know Jan b/c our daughters play soccer together and she told me that she ran with Tracey the other day so I'm assuming you did too?

    BTW, I signed up for my first marathon! I'm doing the Rocket City!!! Are you doing it? I just did my half in Nashville 3 weeks ago and while it went great, I'm terrified of the full. Maybe I'll see you around!

  2. Hi Brandy! Yes I ran with Tracey the other morning! What a small world! And don't you worry about that marathon! It will be a good one with consistent training and Rocket City is a great choice! I won't be there this year because it is the same day as my ultra, but I hate to miss it!!

    And a BIG FAT CONGRATS on your first half marathon! That is awesome!!

  3. Thank you for the encouragement! The half was no problem at all with my 2 hour time but I'm afraid I'll tire out toward the end of the full. I'm not giving myself any type of time frame just b/c I know I'll be crushed if I don't meet it but hey, it is my first!

    My husband wanted me to wait & do our first full in Nashville in the spring but I thought that HSV would be easier since it is not as hilly.

    Good luck with your Ultra!!! You run some crazy mileage!! You definitely inspire me!