Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Final Ultra Training Week and Pre-Race Reading

Ultra training for the Tallahassee Ultra Classic coming up December 10 is just about completed. I've given myself until the end of November but last week was really the end. 

Sunday, Nov 20 - Jingle Bell 5k, 23:56, 7:43 average pace.  This was a flat, fast course and a fun run.  We got rained on toward the end, but it was still a blast.

Monday, Nov 21 - 19.2 miles around 9:30 average pace.  I started the run with the girls, ran about 10 with them and then had 10 more to run solo.  These were hard. I am not sure why, but they were.  So when I showed back up at my car around 19.2 I'd had enough and I called it quits.  I just hope this is not foreshadowing how the 50 mile will feel. 

Tuesday, Nov 22 - rest

Wednesday, Nov 23 - ran 6 morning miles with the girls around 10 minute pace.  Ran 3 afternoon miles around 8:30 pace. 

Thursday, Nov 24 - ran the Turkey Trot 5k to start off my Thanksgiving Day festivities.  Ran in 24:08, 7:47 average pace.  Hiked after lunch that afternoon.

Friday, Nov 25 - rest, unless you count shopping till dropping, starting at midnight.

Saturday, Nov 26 - ran 6.5 afternoon miles, 8:21 pace. 

Sunday, Nov 27 - rest (from what I'm not sure, but it rained the entire day giving me an excuse...sort of)

Monday, Nov 28 - ran 12 morning miles with Katie, 9:25 average pace.  In a rainy 44 degrees.  I felt tough afterward.

That leaves today and tomorrow and I'm not sure what these days will bring.  I may be able to run this afternoon and plan to meet the girls tomorrow morning.  After that I will taper, which means I will run no more than 6 miles a day, dropping the miles and relaxing the pace even more closer to race day. 

I'm also focusing on mental preparation as well.  I can freak myself out if I allow myself to really think about running 50 miles.  That is a long way.   But I did it once and on trails.  So I've returned to my 3-part series about the Northface Endurance Challenge to serve as a reminder of what I can overcome.

My First Fifty Part I or the Woods were Lovely, Dark and Deep
My First Fifty Part II or Love Conquers All
My First Fifty Part II or I Could Be a Stunt Double

I also read the amazing write-up of Kristin Armstrong's recent 50 mile adventure.  I love how she tells the story, how she remembers the run and the moving moments she experienced.  It is definitely worth a read, even if ultra running is not your thing. 

Mile Markers: Seven Sharpie Marks

So now its about waiting, tapering and getting my mind ready to lead my body through its second 50 mile journey.

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