Wednesday, November 30, 2011

MORE Christmas Gifts for Runners

A few days ago I put together a full list of practical, much needed gifts for runners that most likely will not break the bank.  You can find it here. When visiting yesterday, I saw they too had some gift guides. The first I saw was a slide show of unique runner gifts.  Some of these are just downright cool.  They listed Christmas ornaments, unique running shirt ideas, customizable race bib coasters, and even a race bib rack (compliments of etsy).  A few of them are kind of goofy - such as the banana and gorilla costume, but the others are fun.  Take a look at the slide show for some unique ideas!

Unique Gifts for Runners

If you like the Christmas ornament idea, our local (Huntsville, AL) specialty running stores carry them.  I'm not 100% sure about Fleet Feet, but last year First Place Athletics had a ton in all colors that read 13.1, 26.2, Runner Girl, etc. 

After reading about the unique gift options, I switched over to their 2011 Holiday Gift Guide.  These are a little more expensive, but may give you more ideas on gifts to give your favorite runner.

Runner's World 2011 Holiday Gift Guide


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  1. I bought my husband a golf ball muscle roller, he’s been wanting one for awhile and i finally found one for a good price!!