Monday, November 7, 2011

Ultra Training Week 10

It's been quiet on the ole blogging front, and I will explain (unveil!) what I've been up to later today.  Despite my lack of entries, however, the training has continued.  We've had some gorgeous, blow-your-mind amazing fall days and a little cold rain too this week.  I used the cold, rainy days to rest and get rid of some nagging soreness in my legs and it worked.

I do wonder if I will ever get to the point where I stop asking myself if I'm doing it right, if I'm doing enough.  Will I ever figure it out and really know?  I've learned SO much lately about the body, muscles, fitness, etc., but it is almost as if there is so much information swimming around in my head, I'm unsure when it comes to knowing what type of training to do.  But I'm still training.  This whole running/ultra training thing is a process full of experiments and if I don't get it right the first or second time, Lord willing there will be another chance to try again with different strategies.

That said, here is what I've got for week 10:

Sunday, Oct 30 - 10 afternoon miles on a gorgeous day, 8:30 pace.

Monday, Oct 31 - 8 chilly morning miles with the girls, 9:45 pace.  This was our spooky Halloween run with a hilarious scare in the middle.  Some walkers got off of the sidewalk to let us by, but Katie didn't see them so when she and I were right next to them, she yelled and I grabbed her hand thinking something really awful was about to happen and then we all died laughing as we realized the walkers were just letting us by...not lying in wait as we passed... maybe you had to be there, but it was hilarious!

Tuesday, Nov 1 - 5 afternoon miles, 8:36 pace, followed by ab work, push-ups and the plank held for a minute (full of shaking and labor-like breathing, but I stayed there for a minute).  I'm adding in this tiny workout 3 times a week.

Wednesday, Nov 2 - 9.1 morning miles.  I tried to turn it into a tempo run, but succeeded with only 1 tempo-like mile in the middle.  9:12 average pace.

Thursday, Nov 3 - rest from running, but did abs, push-ups and plank, along with some foam roller time.

Friday, Nov 4 - jogged and walked 3 miles with my sis in the morning.

Saturday, Nov 5 - ran 7.7 miles alone through the misty fog that sat on my eyelashes, 8:32 pace.  Shannon joined me after that for 4.3 at 9:47 pace.  I was pretty tired by that point but she kept me going!

Weekly total - 44.1 miles with 206 for the month of October.

The weekly total is again not as high as I had planned, but I was pleased with each workout anyway.   I've been a little tired lately, and I've been dealing with some headaches.  I never have headaches so now that I am on week 3 of them, I think it is time to consult the doc and see what, if anything, is up.  These have been only minor in discomfort, though, and they don't usually show up until later in the day.  Is it crazy to think that running actually helps?  Its probably just a mind thing, but the mind is a powerful thing so... I'll go with it.

I started this new week with a good, strong and hilly run with Katie and Clara and I'll write more about that later.  The week will end with the Huntsville half-marathon, so I think all in all, this week will turn out to be a good one as far as ultra training goes.  I'm getting excited as the ultra itself draws near.  Despite my questions and doubt, I still can't wait to get out there and give it a go, see what I've got and give it my all.  I've begun picturing it, planning my fueling strategy, thinking about pace and coaching myself on how to be tough and push through when fatigue sets in.  I love this part.


  1. It was funny just hearing Katie describe her story about the moving statue!! She told us about it on Wednesday morning. Just too funny!

  2. It was pretty hilarious, Tracey! I still laugh thinking about it!