Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ultra Training Week 9 and Running as a Football Player

And once again it has been a smaller-than-planned mileage week.  My excuses are sore legs and cold rain.  The good thing is that I'm mostly at peace with the numbers such as they are.  For one thing, I'm trying to train smart and I can't get in a quality run if my legs are sore, nor does that give them time to heal and grow stronger.  The second reason is I've been talking with a running friend who just ran a 50 mile race herself and her training plan included a lot less miles than mine has.  Her approach?  Have fun and enjoy the miles.  This served as a good reminder that despite my training, I need to be enjoying this journey first and foremost, and so far I am.

I started the week with a good 20 miler and ended it with the Spooktacular 5k in which I ran as a football player in full football gear.  That was an adventure!  Fun, hilarious, and tough! 

Sunday, Oct 23 - rest

Monday, Oct 24 - 20 morning miles, 9:15 pace.  I wrote about it here.

Tuesday, Oct 25 - 4.5 afternoon miles, 8:45 pace.  Legs were a tad sore was such a gorgeous afternoon I just couldn't help myself.

Wednesday, Oct 26 - 6 afternoon miles around 8:50 pace.  I stopped my watch to help a little kid catch his dog (who was after me) and forgot to restart it, but the 5.5 I recorded were around 8:50 pace.

Thursday, Oct 27 - rain rain rain and pajamas on the couch.

Friday, Oct 28 - 5.6 afternoon miles.  I did 1 mile on the treadmill in the gym before deciding anything was better than that and heading outside.  I ran 4.6 outside at 8:36 pace.  It was cold and misty, but good and the color of the trees right now is amazing!

Saturday, Oct 29 - 3.1 miles in the Spooktacular 5k in 26:16 which is 8:27 pace.  Let me just say that running in full football gear is TOUGH! But I had a blast with Shannon and Julie dressed as my fellow teammates and my mom dressed as our coach.

Total for the week - 39.2

Sometimes you've just gotta choose fun over...well...anything else.  Happy Halloween, everyone!


  1. I can't believe you ran in FULL football gear!!! That is amazing. Yes, the group is with Jenks. I'm really excited, it starts tomorrow. I've done Couch 2 5K in the past and ran a couple 5Ks in law school, but that's about it. I told Mrs. Debra on Sunday that if super skinny, pretty, fit people show up I'm not coming back!! haha!!

  2. Debra is so great! I love her! I told her I wish I was there so I could join the group! And I don't think you should let anyone keep you from coming back! :)