Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holidays, Precious Holidays!

So far this holiday season, we've been pretty busy with family.  We visited Jason's parents in Kentucky the weekend before Christmas, spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with mine, and then after Christmas took a short road trip with Jason's family again to visit his sister.  This morning Jason asked what today's plan was and I will admit to looking at him somewhat testily as I said, "There is no plan.  The plan is to do whatever our hearts desire." 

For me that will include taking down Christmas decorations and getting my house back in order.  I succeeded in getting most of our Christmas presents put away, but the tree and stockings and such are still up.  I will also enjoy a glorious run in the beautiful sunshine, something I have not seen in several days.  It was strange to wake up in such a bright bedroom, and I smiled with the knowledge that today I'd be running in the sun. 

For me it also means catching up with some of my Running Start, LLC current and future clients!  When January gets here... LOOK OUT WORLD!  This girl is going to be one busy homefry!  I've got 3 more clients ready to get started in the new year, along with another class at UAH to further my coaching goals. This one is The Essentials of Personal Training.  After this class I will take my ACE certification exam (hopefully pass with flying colors) and add another certification to my little repertoire.  In February I will attend the RRCA coaching course as well since it is geared more toward what I am currently doing than my USA Track and Field certification (although I'm really glad to have that one as well). 

With this year's Just Move It program at UAH, I will be leading a 5k training group and I am so excited!  Just Move It starts in January, but we will begin our 5k training in February with about 10 weeks before the Cookie Dash 5k, which will be our goal race.  I am working closely with the Health and Physical Education Department at UAH to get things ready for the 5k training program, and I cannot wait to get started!

This is the first time during this holiday season that I have opened my laptop or looked at a computer at all.  When work was over for the year, I just couldn't bring myself to look at a computer screen.  Today I needed to charge my ipod shuffle so that sort of prompted this post.  But now, I am off to enjoy this beautiful day during which I will do whatever my heart desires. 


  1. Thank you for the sweet comment over on my resurrected blog, dear Jane. Yes, sharing a cup of coffee together would be even better. Going to be down here any time soon? Sounds like you've got lots to keep you busy up there! Your energy is amazing. Can you send me some via the internet?

  2. Sounds like 2012 will be a good and busy year for you! :)