Friday, January 20, 2012

Age Old Running

The other night as we were warming up before a tempo run, a client asked me how long I had been a runner.  I told him I started running when I was 15.  After I thought about it, I realized that my running years outnumbered my non-running years, which means I've been a runner longer than I haven't been.  I kinda like that.  And when I think about all that has changed from the beginning to the middle to now... it is pretty exciting.  I wonder what else I will do, how far will I go, what new adventures are around the corner and I am filled with hope and anticipation.

I see so many women who are a little older and a lot older than I am, and they are doing the most amazing things.  It is so inspiring to see that so many women are still going strong after so many years of running.  Not only that, they are still improving, still pushing their limits to greater heights.

My mom started running when she was 36 and she ran her first marathon when she was 44.  Since then she has run a marathon in all 50 states and 60 before the age of 60.  And at 61, she's still running them!  She's still training her friends to push past their limits and she is a constant inspiration to all who know her.

I work with a lady who is in her late 60s and I see her out running most mornings when I am running with my girls. She also runs the Huntsville Half Marathon every year and I always love seeing her finish.  I hope I am doing that when I am 67.

The oldest member of our morning crew is 49 and she is one of the fastest in our group.  She has qualified and run the Boston Marathon and has also qualified for the New York Marathon.  I call her the "pixie runner" because that is what she looks like when she runs and she shimmies up a hill like it is a flat stretch of road. 

Another of our running crew has a sister on the USA Ultra Marathon team.  I never even knew they had a team until she told me and when I looked them up I discovered that Debra Horn is on the team and she was born in 1959.  If you look at what is listed as her "career highlights" she has done quite a lot in the last few years.  When asked why she runs she said, "Running is a great stress-reliever and keeps me feeling young." I'd say so! The other athlete bios for the team are pretty impressive and inspiring as well.

So there you have it.  You are never too old to start running and you are never too old to try something new and you are never too old to improve.  These are things I hold close to my heart as I dream and hope and plan and look forward to the years and the miles to come.

Mom after her 50th marathon state, Hartford, Connecticut 2008

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  1. Wow, I bet your mom has some great stories to tell from all of her races!