Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Waves and Relaxation

Last night I got back from a LOVELY trip down to Florida with Jason.  He had to go for work so I tagged along.  We stayed in a condo on the beach and each night we went to sleep to the sound of waves and woke up to them each morning.  While it rained at home, I sat on my balcony in the sun enjoying the peacefulness of reading accompanied by the sound of waves.  I love that sound.  I don't think I ever realized how much I love that sound.  I grew up in Florida, pretty close to the beach so maybe I took it for granted.  But with the view of white sand dunes, a cool breeze blowing through the condo, and that lovely, rhythmic sound of waves... it was just perfect.

I relaxed.  A LOT!  I slept in and even when I did finally wake up, I didn't want to ruin the tranquility of the morning light and crash of waves.  Jason read quietly next to me as I gazed out at the dunes, and it was just so... peaceful. 

The first day it was completely foggy and I thought, Really?  I am on the beach and I can't SEE the beach?!  I ran that morning and when I got done everything was dripping.  Not from sweat, but from the heavy fog!  I had forgotten just how humid and wet it can be down there. I was reminded and it made me smile at the memories. 

The next two days were amazing and that made up for the day when I couldn't see passed my nose.  Warm sunshine, cool breezes and a quiet beach that we seemed to have mostly to ourselves since it is the off season.  We ate seafood, read books in the sunshine, I visited a few friends when Jason was working and enjoyed seeing some of my old stomping grounds.  I did not have time to drive all the way into Panama City...and I had sort of planned to do a run through my old neighborhoods and snap pictures of where I used to live, but I never made it happen.  That was okay, though.  We will go back before long and I can do it then.  I was too busy enjoying my time with Jason on the beach and no responsibility to bother us.

I ran a little here and there but mostly it was about relaxing and listening to the waves.  Soaking it all up.  I thought this mini vacation at the end of Christmas break would make it harder to get back to work and I considered lengthening my stay, but in the end what it made me was ready.  Ready to head back to work, back to my routine, back to my own bed and my own cooties (I have issues with hotels and condos sometimes).  I think it renewed and refreshed me. 

So this morning when the alarm went off at 5:30 signaling it was time to run, I was ready.  I have not dreaded this work day like I thought I would, I've just been ready.  All I needed was a little relaxation and some waves.


  1. Sounds delightful!!!! Wish I could've taged along. I miss the beach.