Saturday, January 14, 2012

Working on Saturday

Today's work was not just any old work, it was the work I love to do!  Today I ran with 4 of my clients, talked with all of them about their training plans and strategies, strengths and weaknesses, the goals they have set for themselves, and their running form.  I listened to their stories whether they were about running or not, and I believe I probably learned just as much from them as they did from me. 

I love this.  As I drove to meet my first client of the day, I could feel the excitement welling up. Finally.  FINALLY.  This is what I have been waiting to do!  I feel like things are really moving forward and the experience so far has been wonderful.

Two clients are working to speed up their marathon time, while two others want to surpass the 5k distance, going to the 10k and their first half marathon this year.  It is exciting to be a part of this.  Some know they can do it and are pumped about the training ahead.  Some are harder on themselves and the challenge before them is somewhat scary.  But that's why its worth it.  It is a challenge.  It is an adventure.  They suspect their limits and then try to push past them on to something they are not even sure they can do.  But deep down...I think they know and that is why they keep running.

When I completed my last training session, I was tired and came home to a long hot shower.  I stayed in until I was pruney and the whole time I thought about Running Start, LLC and where to go from here.   I'm excited about the possibilities and hopeful for the future.  I hope runners continue to come.  Whether they want to try this running thing and see if they can grow to enjoy it or whether they want to race a new distance, going faster or farther than they have before. 

I'm excited about those training with me now and I'm excited about those who haven't even started yet. 

Doing this kind of work makes working on a Saturday sound GREAT!

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