Monday, January 16, 2012


Well, I have joined the newest craze.  I am on pinterest.  At first I had no idea what it was when I heard so many friends talking about it.  They raved about it, actually.  And even when a friend showed me what it was, and then another friend invited me, I still didn't really get it. 

But I tried it anyway.  And oh my word, I get it now.  I'm addicted.  It is GREAT.  It is a way for me to keep all of my favorite things, or simply things I want to remember that I like such as recipes I want to try one day or decorating ideas that I'll never remember if I don't keep them in once place.  And then I get to steal all of my friends ideas too!  I love that.  I've got some seriously cool and creative friends, let me just say. 

I've got some "boxes" on running of course.  And books too, which is a given.  But then I have boxes I never thought I'd have like two I've named "Help in the Kitchen" and "Decorating Ideas."  I could use some serious help in both of these areas, but every time I see something I would like to try, I promptly forget it.  So now I have all these ideas all neat and tidy in a little box and whenever I finally get a moment in the kitchen to try something, I have a place where all my ideas are stashed. 

I love it!  Check out my boxes at

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