Monday, February 27, 2012

PPRs and Bigger Pants

This past Saturday I ran my first race since being pregnant.  The morning was sunny and cold, about 35 degrees at the start, and I debated over what to wear.  I have grown tired of running tights because they squeeze (and show) the little bump, and running shorts are SO much more comfortable.  I opted for my green running shorts, a red long-sleeved Nike shirt, and a blue Lole vest to keep the wind out.  Multi-colored gloves (which I accidentally left at home), penguin socks (for luck), race bib # 616 and I was ready to go!

Or so I thought... I thought I knew the location of the race.  It started at 8:00 a.m. and I got to the place I thought it was being held at 7:55 (that's what a girl gets for taking too long to get dressed!).  The race was not there.  I quickly looked up the race website on my phone, saw that it was further down the road, and tried to get there in time. I was so mad at myself for not leaving earlier and I was so disappointed that I might miss my first race while pregnant!

I found the real location and parked my car at 8:00a.m. on the dot.  I could hear someone talking over the loud speaker, and I hoped the race had not started.  A friendly gentlemen saw me running toward the start line and pointed me toward a shortcut between two baseball fields.  I made it to the start out of breath, just in time for the National Anthem... and to actually run the race.  I laughed with relief as I realized I had not missed it and I had no time to feel cold in my shorts.  It was time to run!

The race itself was great.  I was a little cautious as I ran and held a somewhat comfortable pace, allowing myself to push just a little. My finishing time was 27:06 and I was proud of that as I hurried off to the next activity of the day.  Jason was being inducted into an honors society and it started at 10:00a.m.  I made a mad dash to the University Fitness Center, showered there (realizing I forgot to pack my shoes), and made my way to the engineering building on campus to meet him.  On the way I received a text from my friend Julia saying I had won 3rd place in my age group.  I laughed as I told Jason our little one had won their first race.

I watched Jason's induction, looking snazzy in my khaki pants, penguin socks and tennis shoes, and then we went out for lunch.  We ate at Jason's Deli and then I talked Jason into shopping for maternity clothes.  Yep.  I broke down and bought some bigger pants.  It had to be done.  Being between 16 and 17 weeks, the little one has grown big enough to cause all of my pants to be tight and uncomfortable around my waist.  I purchased a Beband, which allows me to wear my pants unbuttoned without falling down, but I knew it wouldn't be long before I needed something more.

We hit up Old Navy at Bridgestreet and I tried on every single maternity item they had. I bought two tank tops to go under cardigans (and actually cover the belly), a pair of jean shorts, a pair of denim capris, a pair of khaki cargo pants, and a bright, spring-like cardigan (not in the maternity section).  It was so fun, especially since the maternity section was right next to the tiny newborn section.  Oh the cuteness! 

Jason and I followed up our shopping trip with a movie before heading home for some dinner and relaxation. I quickly made my way to the couch with my book, feeling like I'd run much more than a 5k. All in all, it was a wonderful day, one I want to remember as it contained my first PPR, a surprising win, and the first purchase of maternity clothes.  Next weekend I'll be running another 5k, and the goal will be to get there on time and see if me and this little one can beat our first PPR.

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  1. I am so Glad you did so Well!! ;) I'm excited for you for shopping I remember having fun shopping for those new clothes and the excitement of it all!!