Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sunshine on my Shoulders...

In the south we have this crazy wintery/springy/sunshiny/rainy mix of weather and you never know what each day will hold because you can't really compare it to the day before.  This also makes it hard to know what to wear.  Especially if you are pregnant, holding out as long as you can on purchasing preggo clothes, and down to 2 pairs of jeans and a skirt.  But, on those days when the sun is out and the temperature rises just enough to feel lovely... these are the days I LOVE! 

Yesterday was that kind of day. Instead of working on my RRCA exam during lunch, I headed outside for a lunchtime walk in the sunshine.  I'm sure I looked like I was about to break out into song at any moment, but I didn't care.  I had to look up and smile and soak it in. 

And then there are days like today.  Today it is supposed to rain so it started out sort of sunny/patchy/cloudy and windy, with dark menacing clouds moving in slowly as the afternoon progressed.  On these days I feel sneaky when I get my run in AND feel the sunshine on my shoulders all before the rain shows while the weather's back was turned, I made the most of the nice bits. 

This morning I walked with a client and then ran some miles on my own.  The morning was chilly, but not overly so, and it felt good to be out in it.  This afternoon, I took my usual walk over to the cafe on campus for my daily iced coffee and wouldn't you know it... it was that moment when the sun peaked through and warmed my shoulders!  Of course, by the time I made my way back to the office, the sun had gone in and the wind was going in full force.  But that was okay.  I had a run and the sun.  So take that. 

Now my lunch is over and I'm off to a conference of sorts where my department has a booth that I must man.  I'm not super big on booth manning because...well... you know how I feel about stupid questions and you get a lot of them when you man a booth.  Especially from really intelligent engineers (I'm so sorry if you are one, I mean no harm - I'm married to one after all) who know more than I do about what I do and what should be done.  (Note, I have had my iced coffee, sunshine, prayer and I have the promise of my book later so...I shouldn't bite anyone's head theory).  AND to make matters all the more annoying there are no SNACKS!  How can you send a pregnant lady to work for 3.5 hours in a snack-less place?? 

But like I said... I got my run AND some sun so I think I can handle it.  I hope you experienced some things that bring you joy today. If not... go get one!


  1. Nothing better than the days we get sunshine and warm weather to run in when it's only February!