Monday, April 9, 2012

Moms on the Run

Since I am a mom-to-be and will soon be adding "mom" to the list of things I am (like Christian, wife, sister, runner, etc.)  my blog reading interests have naturally shifted.  I'm not super crafty and I'm not a whiz in the kitchen, and since I've never been a mom before, my reading interests have mostly been on running blogs and blogs of close friends I enjoy stalking.  Now, however, I have started taking an interest in mom blogs as well, but not just any mom blogs.  These blogging moms are running moms, and I have been blown away by how they ran before they were moms, how they ran during their pregnancies (a current hot topic for me) and how they are fitting it in now that they are full fledged moms. Wow!  Talk about inspiration!  Talk about giving this mom-to-be hope and excitement for things to come, not only in running but in motherhood as well!

Not only are these moms on the run inspirational, but I have learned quite a bit from them, especially with running and pregnancy.  I also get great information on jogging strollers, juggling training schedules and kids, racing, breastfeeding and running - the works!  It really encourages me to see moms doing things they hadn't yet done before they had kids.  New PRs, new distances and events, it gives me hope that my body is not in fact changed forever and I will be able to eventually pick up where I left off and keep improving!  These women refresh my sometimes worried mind and renew my patience and enjoyment in the process at hand.

So, for other running moms-to-be out there, I'm sharing my list of awesome recently-discovered blogs written by these amazing moms on the run.  Take a look and enjoy!

How We Roll: Katie's Blog about Marathoning and Mothering
This is my dear friend and running partner, Katie.  She, along with the girls in my morning running crew, provided me with my first glimpses into being a running mom.  She has two beautiful children, a husband who also runs, and some pretty amazing marathon times as well!

NYC Running Mama 
When I first become pregnant, a friend told me about this blog and I have learned SO MUCH from Michele. She includes a tab dedicated to running through pregnancy and I read everything she had written on the subject as I began my journey as a running Mom.  She is currently pregnant with her second child...and still going strong and impressively so! 

My Life on the Run 
This is the brand new blog of my friend, Tracy.  She is a mother of 5, and she and her husband are somewhat new to running and triathaloning, but coming along nicely in their new pursuits!

Small Town Runner
This blog belongs to Raina, an inspiring running mom of 3 boys.  She has a great sense of humor and includes detailed training reports that give me hope for my post-baby days.  

Life as a Running Mom
An inspiring running mom, Erica has a great attitude and approach to all things running, health and fitness.  

She's funny and fast, and a mom of 3.  Amanda inspires me with her honesty, her training, her drive and her passion for all things running while striving to be a great mom in the process.

The (Mis)Adventures of a Jogging Stroller Mom
This is Laurie, a mom of 4 with number 5 to be here soon.  From her I've learned how to fit running into a busy schedule and what it is like running later in pregnancy.  

Random Thoughts from the Zoo
Catey is a mother to 8 precious children, with a little girl on the way.  Talk about a busy schedule!  She manages to stay fit and healthy in the midst of it all, sharing her adventures as a pregnant mom of 8 who is also a runner.

Do you know of some other amazing running moms?  Share their blogs here!


  1. This mom was in Runner's World this month. She has 12 children (9 are adopted) and a 3:20 something marathon PR!

    Thanks for including me, Jane. Sure wish I'd kept a blog during my pregnancies and the nursing. You will learn a lot as you go, but I am glad you have sources to help you too!

    1. Thank you, Katie! Your blog is SUCH a wonderful inspiration! And I will add See Mom Run Far to the list! Wow!

  2. What a fun blog! Congrats and welcome to the mama tribe!

  3. A couple of blogs I like to read are: Katie's at and Tia's at Thanks for listing mine and hope you are enjoying motherhood!

  4. Love all the different posts on here! Very encouraging for those of us who are runners. I ran my first marathon this past spring even after an injury just a few weeks before the race. Guideposts Magazine published my story. Hope it can encourage others!