Monday, April 9, 2012

This Easter and Next

This Easter was pretty fantastic as most Easters are in this family.  We have a little tradition of going to Mom and Dad's beautiful mountain, admiring all Mom's flowers, having a little lunch, hiding Easter eggs for my niece and nephew, and generally just hanging around enjoying each others company.  Usually in the sunshine and usually with dessert.

Caroline and Caleb Hunt, Mark points, Jason and Dad look on, Mom and I help from the swing.
One of my favorite moments was when Julie and I headed to the porch to sit in the sun and chat.  Dad and Jason joined us, along with two of Mom's cats.  We chatted, laughed, and reminisced as the cats climbed in our laps and the sun warmed our backs.  Mom soon joined us with a cup of coffee in hand and asked why we were all sitting on the floor when she had so many chairs available.  She then got after the carpenter bees with her broom.  Apparently they leave piles of sawdust everywhere and that simply won't do. 

After relaxing on the porch Jason hopped on his bike to ride home, and Mom, Julie and I went for a lovely 3 mile walk.  I had planned to do a little running, but my belly was simply too full.  The walk was perfect, though, and the company even better.

I couldn't help but think how different next Easter will be.  There will be another little girl among us.  Too young to hunt eggs, but I'm sure she'll be up for some swinging under a shade tree. Will she follow Caroline and Caleb around?  Will she travel from lap to lap?  Will she chase kitties and laugh at flowers and wonder at the loud buzzing sound the bees make?  I can't wait to meet her.  Not only to enjoy special Easter occasions like this one, but just to know this little girl.  As we sat in church remembering the reason we celebrate Easter, I wondered what she'd think of our Savior and what He did.  Somehow I felt even more grateful that He died and rose again, not only for me but for this little girl too.  Jason and I are already in love with her, already hoping the very best for her and that makes me understand a little bit how Jesus could die for people like me who hadn't even been born yet.  I have a feeling this whole mom thing is going to teach me a lot about love, sacrifice, and even more about my wonderful, amazing God. 

This morning I woke up feeling tired and slow, like I had somewhat of a fun weekend hangover.  I didn't want it to be Monday already and I didn't want to go to work.  I felt ready for a change in the season, not so much the hot summer that is swiftly approaching, but the new little girl and the new life as her mom.  I know it will be here soon enough and I should savor these days of waiting and preparing for her.  I know next Easter will be here in a few winks and a smile and I look forward to all the adventures between now and then.

Pregnant me at Easter


  1. You look great in your dress!!! Glad you had a great Easter!


    1. Thank you, Katherine! I'll probably wear it ever Sunday from now on. :)

  2. The BEST part about Easter and babies is the first Easter outfit!!!! Nate wore the cutest baby blue bubble, and Clara wore a beautiful light pink bubble. And a bonnet!! I loved having a little one to dress those first Easters. I know you can't wait!

  3. You are beautiful, pregnant lady! Thanks for sharing that picture of yourself and your little bump. Yes, next Easter things will be different. You have so much fun ahead of you but keep reminding yourself to treasure this season of waiting also. Every day is a gift!