Monday, April 30, 2012


New is the word for the week.  Or possibly for the rest of this year. Today is the first day of my last week at my job.  Then I will begin a brand NEW phase of life, and I am really looking forward to it. This morning I was out for a run, feeling good and strong, trying out my NEW Medela belly band for added support as this baby girl grows, and I had to cut things short to get ready for work. It was sort of funny because I stopped my watch at 3.4 miles and walked slowly up my driveway. I stopped, looked back at the road, thought about how pretty 4 miles would look in my log compared to 3.4...but decided I really needed to get in the shower and start getting ready if I wanted to be on time.  Just because it is my last week doesn't mean I can start slacking. 

Today I had three NEW clients ready to get started with training programs and that always gets me pumped up.  I love seeing new names in my Running Start in-box, getting to know new people and helping them reach their running goals.  Love. It.

Speaking of Running Start, I've started something NEW, which is to offer Group Training Programs.  I'm excited and nervous about these.  I'm excited because I love working with the group dynamic which keeps everyone encouraged and built up. I'm nervous because this is something brand NEW and I really want it to be successful.  My first program is called 15 weeks to a 5k and combines a personalized training plan based on participants' individual fitness assessments with the group dynamic of running and training with a group of people who share the same goal.  I chose 15 weeks because that gives time for new runners to build up a good endurance base and get their body used to the work before we begin incorporating speed and pace work.  For more experienced runners, I can begin their speed and pace work sooner, and this works because all runners follow their OWN plan.  It means more work for me, but this is the kind of work I LOVE.  A local running store, 1st Place Athletics has agreed to help me get this program off the ground and I am so honored by that.

Lots of NEW, lots of change, lots of excitement and lots to learn!  I'm ready and so very grateful for all of these NEW and wonderful blessings.  Man, am I ever!

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