Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Running, Dresses, and I'm All Choked Up

Yesterday afternoon I was getting ready to run a few miles when I realized my one medium sized tank top that I recently purchased was in the dirty clothes...and yes it was way passed being able to recycle.  It was hot outside and I wanted to wear a tank, so I dug around my running clothes drawer until I found one that would work.  It was tight and just barely covered my belly, but it got the job done.  I mean a girl's got to exercise, right? I had a really good run and actually ran sub 10 minute pace for my 3 miles. That is speedy for this pregnant lady these days.  It would have been nice to see if I could have held that for 4 miles, but I didn't want to overdo in the heat.

I got up this morning and went for another short run.  I walked for 2 minutes as my warm up and then started to jog.  Again, it felt really good and I was surprised.  Usually mornings are tougher these days and I need  walk breaks.  The air was cool and the sunrise was beautiful, and it made my shadow look long and lean...which is a view I don't get very often, even when I'm NOT pregnant.  I tried out my new sports bra from Target but after one mile I decided it was a no go.  I stopped by the house for a quick bra change and potty break before finishing up my run.  Again, I wanted to keep going after 3, but I knew I needed to get ready for work.

I have a new dress.  I was complaining to my mother-in-law the other weekend about not finding any cute maternity dresses that I could stand and she described one she saw at Kohls.  It sounded cute so I looked it up online and she was right.  It was really cute.  I knew from experience that cute dresses in pictures do not equal cute dresses on my person, but on Saturday I went to try it on anyway.
Success!  I have a new dress!

Now I have to find a maternity swimsuit because I'm about to take up a little Aqua Zumba at the local Y.  I have talked my sister into joining me (she really needed no persuasion since she does regular Zumba all the time), and we will be going this Saturday at 8:00am.  Stay tuned for THAT update.  And a maternity bathing suit... yikes!  Jason informed me that I didn't have to marry my new swimsuit, just tolerate it for a while.  He knows this search could go on for years. There are also two water aerobics classes in the afternoons I'd like to start taking as the temperatures continue to rise. 

So today I'm wearing a new dress, I got in a few lovely morning miles, I've already enjoyed my iced mocha for the day...it is a good day.  Despite my work worries, I think things will be okay.  I know in the scheme of things it is not a very big deal.  It is just important to me to do the right thing, to set a good example for those around me, to work hard etc., and saying no... well I'm not always sure about it.  Pregnancy is this grand new adventure and I'm sort of joyfully stumbling my way through it, trying to figure it all out as I go.

Speaking of which, as I drove to work this morning I heard an old song from one of my FAVORITE Disney movies, Tarzan (I'm in it, after all).  As I turned it up and tried to sing along, I couldn't!  I had the biggest lump in my throat!  I kept trying to sing and with each word, my voice choked up and I couldn't get it out.  The song is sung by Phil Collins (one of my faves) and goes with the scene where the mama ape wants to keep Tarzan, the human baby.  Oh. My. Goodness.  If you are a mom, give it a listen and see if you can keep those tears at bay.  I double dog dare you.


  1. That dress looks soo cute! I wish I could see you in it. I have yet to make it to Kohl's. But I would like to check it out before Sunday. Hopefully I won't pick out the same dress cause of my goodness it is gorgeous!!!!!!

    1. Girl, you go get that dress if you like it! I will tell you right now, it is the only decent maternity dress in this world. Okay, maybe not in the whole world, but close. :)