Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Cure for the Sleepless Night

Last night I think I experienced some of the first signs of trouble sleeping while pregnant.  I got home from class around 7:40 and Jason made eggs and turkey sausage for dinner.  THEN he made homemade chocolate chip cookies.  So I ate some.  Okay, I ate 5, but in my defense the last two were really small.  And if you've ever had Jason's homemade cookies, you know how amazing they are.  I was exhausted so as soon as 9:00 hit, I crawled in bed.  I think in that moment my dinner and my 5 cookies decided to remind me that I no longer had the room I used to have... and I was SO FULL!

I was so full I couldn't breathe.  I was so full I wanted to cuss.  I was so full I couldn't lay on my side because my belly felt like it was the size of the house.  I was also hot.  We haven't turned on our air conditioner yet because despite the warmer temps it just seems too early!  The fan was on and the window was open, but it wasn't helping.  I was full and hot.  I tried to read to forget my woes and I dozed off until Jason came to bed around 10:30.  He felt bad for me as I whined about how hard it was to be pregnant and how I didn't think I could do it and our little girl couldn't have a sibling because this was just too hard (everything is worse at night, especially for a hormonal pregnant lady).  He patted me on the back and promptly went to sleep. Stinker. 

Around 11:30 I got up and went to the other bedroom to read so I wouldn't wake him up.  I dozed on and off until 3:30 when I went back to my room because I thought it might be cooler since the window was open.  I had some crazy dreams too and I really hope they have nothing to do with my subconscious because...whoa. 

My alarm went off at 5:20 am and the rough night was over.  Now it was time to decide what to do with it.  I was planning to meet my sister and my friend, Tracy for a run at 5:45 so I got up and drove to my sister's house.  Everything was dark.  Was it Wednesday? I was pretty sure it was.  Did we say 5:45?  I was pretty sure we did.  And even if we didn't, Tracy's car would have been there if they'd gone without me.  A few minutes later, the garage door opened and Julie came out in her pj's.  She'd texted about being up with her daughter in the night, but I never looked so I missed it.  We laughed and I told her to go back to bed and I drove home.

I grabbed my ipod for company and set out.  At 1.2 miles I took a pit stop at the house.  At 3.3 I took another pit stop and grabbed the pup so he could enjoy a morning romp as well.  The sunrise was amazing and I was grateful to be out.  I allowed my mind to dwell on the worries and frustrations of the night before until I picked up Chance and then I let them all go and enjoyed watching him enjoy his morning walk.  He ran the last 0.7 with me and then I let him slow down and enjoy all the neighborhood sniffs that were calling him. 

I worked up a good sweat despite the lovely 63 degree morning, so I enjoyed a cool and refreshing shower once I got home.  I made my lunch and Jason's and drank a cup of grapefruit juice with a bowl of honey nut cheerios.  I called Mom on the way to work and we chatted about our nice mornings and I told her about my crazy night.  She told me I didn't know misery yet and I told her not to tell me that.  She then reminded me that when she was 5 months pregnant with me, she broke some of her ribs in a car accident.  I had forgotten that and all of a sudden I knew my pregnancy was a breeze (and that I should always drive the speed limit, wear my seat belt and read the other driver's mind). 

Upon getting to work, I tried to hold off but by 8:40 I was ready for my iced cafe mocha.  Ah.  That first sip.  There is nothing like that first sip.  I think I'm going to make it through this day.  Of course, it is only 9:22 at this point, but I'm hopeful. 

So here are my cures for the sleepless night:

1. Get up and run or do your planned workout anyway.  You will not feel more rested if you skip it
2. Sweat.
3. Enjoy a sunrise. 
4. Watch your pet enjoy a sunrise. 
5. Take a cool shower.
6. Hug your spouse.
7. Talk to someone you love.
8. Remember a reason you have it so good.
9. Indulge in your favorite coffee, just how you like it.
10. Don't eat 5 cookies before bed no matter how delicious they are.

You may now consider yourself totally prepared for your next sleepless night.  Have a GREAT DAY and happy running!


  1. I love this post! I am cracking up about the 5 cookies, b/c that is totally something I would do. And thanks for the advice about running anyway, even when you may not have gotten a good night's sleep. I have used that excuse a little too much!

    1. I've used that excuse too and it NEVER makes me feel more rested or any better. In fact, it usually adds grouchiness to the already sleepy situation. :)