Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pregnancy Weight Gain

So upon returning from our travels to Florida and South Carolina, I had a doctor's appointment.  They've begun scheduling them two weeks apart now, so I'll be going more often.  Every time I go they weigh me, take a urine sample to test for protein, take my blood pressure, listen to the baby's heartbeat, measure my belly and answer any questions I might have. 

I knew before I went that I was a little dehydrated because I'd seen the color of my pee and it looked like post-marathon pee...which means it was not the color it should have been.  I started trying to drink more, but thought maybe travel was the culprit.  When they tested my urine I had a bit of protein in it and the nurse said it wasn't great, but it wasn't bad... that was confusing.  So I asked her what I needed to do to fix the problem and she asked if I ate a lot of protein, which I don't.  Then she made some mention of exercising a lot and said to ask the doctor.

Lots of help, that one. 

So when the doctor came in I asked her and she said I was probably dehydrated and that I needed to drink more.  I'd already guessed that and was working on it but I still had no idea how that affected protein in my pee (they never really explained this, which was annoying).  Then she asked me how I'd only gained one pound in the last 2 weeks and I said I didn't know because I was eating.  I am eating!  All the time as much as I can handle.  But I'm not a fan of big meals (especially now) and I'm not a fan of eating when I'm not hungry.  So I wait for my body to tell me and then I eat.  I'm not forgetting and I'm not dieting, but I'm not gorging either.  It makes me too uncomfortable!

I do exercise every day, but I don't think I'm overdoing it.  I try for 30 minutes to an hour each day.  When the doctor measured my belly, she said the baby was right on target so... I'm not sure why my weight gain (especially just one pound) is an issue.  The weight comment annoyed me a little.  They want me to gain a pound a week now and I have about 10 more weeks so that would put me at about 28 pounds for my pregnancy.  That is what everything I've read and heard has said I should gain for my BMI, previous weight and all that jazz - 25 to 35 pounds.  Now, I've not been obsessing about this.  I've been weighing once or twice a week and as the number climbs I see it is how it should be.  I've remained in the healthy weight-gain range throughout my pregnancy, gaining slowly and steadily so I don't really see the problem.

Upon reporting all of this to Jason, he immediately started trying to get me to eat more and drink more.  I can handle the drinking mostly but eating more is hard.  It is hot now and I am not very hungry.  I eat a lot of fruit and grains, letting dinner be a slightly bigger meal, but overall I think I'm basically eating how I've always eaten.  I try to have something every 2-3 hours now and usually that is right on target. 

The doctor said as she left that she wanted me to gain two pounds before my next visit.  I thought to myself, "I gain what I gain."  Jason's theory is that I'm down in my weight because I've been dehydrated.  My theory is that I should listen to my body and eat when hungry, keep exercising moderately, and make sure to drink a lot. 

So to you active moms, did you have this problem?  I guess it really isn't a problem since me and this baby girl are both healthy and doing fine, but I know a ton of mothers who ran and kept exercising during their pregnancies - many more than I have - so I'm just wondering if other doctors had the same opinion or concern about weight gain...

Now I'm off to have a yogurt.   


  1. If there is one thing Ive learned in my pregnancies, it is that they are all so different! I have gained from 27-40lbs with mine, and honestly I can't say I've gained less when I was more active. This time around, running literally till the day I delivered, I gained 35. There was one month in which I gained 10lbs!! Crazy. I really believe that as long as you are making good choices, your body will do what it needs to do-whether that means gaining 20 or gaining 40. Give your body what it needs, stay active as long as it feels good and eat well. Duh, right? :) Don't let the dr stress you out. If you hadn't gained much of anything all pregnancy, then sure it's worth a closer look, but from what you said it sounds like you are doing just fine! Definitely hydrate well, especially in the couple of days before your next appointment, that should help!

  2. I think your doctor is WAY off base in this request. Weight gain for pregnancy does NOT necessarily follow a chart. The photos I have seen of you indicate a healthy and happy pregnant mom. I gained 60+ pounds with my first pregnancy and way too much if that was in the last trimester. Keep fit, eat lots of protein and veggies, calcium, etc. You will be great. Drink a BIG glass of water before your next weigh in :).

  3. They seem to never be happy, either gaining too much(which was my case) it too little!! Your probably just dehydrated and just need to up your water and probably sodium content since you need more mg during pregnancy. I think they get concerned in the third trimester about weight gain because that's when the baby is supposed to be gaining more. I know you said it was a struggle to eat a lot since there is not much room in there so maybe try to fill up on healthy fats and proteins so you get more calories in the little you can have. It sounds like your on track so don't let them bug you too much, I got all upset about this sort of thing when I was prego and all it did was elevate my stress level which was not needed. Your doing great and you are healthy and she is and that's what matters :)

  4. Raina and Catey, great idea! Big glass of water coming up before the next appointment!! :) I've been trying to drink a lot more too to help with the hydration issue.

    Kris, you are right, they don't seem to be happy! Ha! Here I was feeling good thinking things must be GREAT and my pee and weight aren't right... it was disheartening!