Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy June!

It is June and I can't believe it is here already!  I also can't believe how COOL it is down here in the south on this first day of June.  We had a little rain this morning and it made my run so nice and refreshing!  I ran most of my 5 miles, picking up my pup for his 1.5 at the end.  Two pit stops, three walk breaks, which included my warm-up and the pup's, and 5 lovely, breezy miles.  If the temp would stay like this, I could probably do a bit more running than the hotter days allow, but I will take what I can get and be grateful for every step!

After the run I came home for a bowl of raisin bran (my latest morning craving and favorite post run meal) and then I did my weights and pilates workout.  Only this time I did it without the video.  I have done this thing so many times I have it memorized.  I really like it, but the music is sort of dull and sometimes I think they do the weights too fast using momentum instead of really working the muscles.  So I used my own rockin' tunes, some different moves, and I went at my own pace.  I may do that more often.

Now I am ready for a road trip!  Today my sister, my mom, and I are headed to Montgomery where some of my dearest and oldest (in duration, not age) friends and family are throwing me a baby shower.  I am so excited to see everyone, and I have a special date with one of my very dearest tonight.  I cannot WAIT to hug her neck and catch up on all things LIFE!  E-mails and phone calls just don't cut it, you know? 

Not only is this first day of June bringing cool breezes and fun times but it is moving us closer to Jason's Ironman and the entrance of a little girl named Eloise into this world.  I think of it as Jason's endurance event followed by my own and I am really looking forward to both!

I've already had one baby shower with my running crew.  It was SO much fun.  I think I am more excited about all the people I get to see at these celebrations than the gifts themselves...and maybe that is how it should be.  The gifts are all precious and sweet and so dear to me when given by those I love.  My girls made fun of my pitiful registry, but I really have no idea what I will need having never been a mom, and I figure I have enough mom friends who will take a look at the registry, shake their heads, and go get what they know is important for a new mom to have.  So I leave it in their hands. 

The funny thing about this running girls shower is that I was consulted about the date back in March, but then I never heard if it had been planned, where it would be or what time.  I had it on my calendar and as the day drew closer and I got excited, I anxiously awaited an e-mail or a phone call with the details...but they never came.  I began to feel a little sad thinking that maybe everyone had gotten too busy and I wouldn't get to see them all as I'd hoped.  I've been so used to seeing these girls on a regular basis at 5:00 a.m. several mornings a week...until my pregnancy slowed me down and I stopped joining them.  And I have missed them!  So the Saturday evening before the Sunday supposed shower, I e-mailed 2 of the girls I knew had been involved in the planning.  It felt strange to ask about a shower, but I just didn't know what to do.

Well the response was hilarious.  Of COURSE they were having the shower!  It was at 2pm at Julia's house and they really hoped I could make it!  They had been so busy planning and e-mailing each other about the details they all assumed I'd somehow gotten the info too.  We shared a good laugh about it and I had a wonderful time talking with them and getting their thoughts on all things baby!  When we get together for a non-running occasion, we are always amazed at how lovely everyone looks all fixed up. 

The dearest bunch of running girls a girl could hope to know!
At the moment, the nursery is the receiving grounds for all gifts and baby items.  I ordered my furniture back in April and they said it would take 8-10 weeks to get here.  I DO have a bookcase built by my sister's father-in-law, but it needs to be painted white again and the correct shade of green to match the other decor in the room.  I'm not overly worried about this yet, but I have a feeling the room is going to look crazier before it looks better.  At least it is emptied out and vacuumed, ready to be organized.  We put new carpet and Jason repainted it and the other guest room several months ago, so it is ready!  I have also purchased the special baby laundry detergent so I can wash all of her things before she wears them.  That purchase made me feel super on top of things. 

The current state of things from inside the room.
The current state of things from the doorway. 
I'll get there.  Until then it is baby showers, organization, a growing belly and all the fun things that come with it!  Happy June, my friends!  I hope it brings you happy blessings and lovely miles in abundance!


  1. The weather was perfect this morning too! I'm so glad the coolness could hang on until I had the chance to enjoy it. I'm sad to think it won't last long. Baby showers are so fun! And I recently realized that the two things in any show or documentary that will make me cry (no matter how bad the movie is!) are marathon finishes and babies being born. The name you picked out is so perfect. I love it!

  2. How wonderful it is to have a baby shower with your closest friends :) I remember having my baby girls room in that same state. Once you go in nesting mode you'll be wanting it put together pronto, my hubby was amazed how quick I went from lax to uptight about it. I'm so excited for you! You are about to embark on one of the most amazing moments in your life, she is and will continue to be one of the greatest blessings ever :)