Monday, June 18, 2012

The Busy Housewife and Ironman Thoughts

So I really thought this housewife thing would allow for all kinds of time to do all kinds of things that need doing.  I had grand plans for those first few days of housewifedom and I just knew that this house would be spic and span, dinners would be healthy and delicious, thank you cards would be written in a timely manner, projects would be tackled daily... yeah, I had big plans.

Well.  Things have been busier than I thought and I am having a harder time than I imagined fitting it all in!  Add in an hour of exercise (sometimes a little more depending on intensity) and then the inevitable tiredness that strikes at inconvenient times and... WHAM, it is 5:00 pm and I'm starting dinner plans (one of the things I HAVE successfully done regularly) with only one or two things marked off the list!

I've had fun, though.  And I refuse to stress about things that don't matter...yet (like how the nursery is still an explosion of baby gifts, nothing is washed or put together, and I have yet to wash all the window sills and baseboards as planned).  I'm taking care of my Ironman husband - making sure his lunches and dinners are packed with healthy nutrients to sustain his activity.  I'm managing the house (mostly), keeping up with laundry and dishes, keeping healthy beverages available for the ever hydrating athlete and mama-to-be, and doing a few other odd chores here and there.  But fitting in EVERYTHING has been...well... more challenging than I anticipated.

This weekend Jason took Friday off so we could drive to Birmingham to drop off his bike and gear for delivery to Idaho for the Ironman.  It was cheaper and probably friendlier to his bike to do it that way.  After walking 3 miles with my sis, off we went to Birmingham.  We got back to Huntsville, did a little shopping for the Ironman, hit the pool for some laps, and then I babysat my niece and nephew so Julie and Mark could see Avengers for Mark's birthday (great movie by the way).

Saturday morning we were up by 4:30 a.m. heading to Bellbuckle, TN for the annual RC Cola Moonpie 10 Mile, which we have run every year we've been together (only missing one while being in Montana for a marathon).  I didn't run it, but Jason represented well finishing in 1:01 and winning 2nd in his age group.  I walked and ran while I waited for him and then I ran the last mile with my mom for a total of 3 miles that morning.  We drove home, rested a few hours, hit the pool again and then Jason's Deli and 32 degrees (yogurt) for a much needed afternoon treat. I slept like a ROCK that night. 

Sunday we got up early, got in our morning runs and then headed to Fayetteville, TN to go to church with my parents and hang at their house for Father's Day.  My sister and her kids and in-laws came as well, along with my Aunt Cindy and we ate BBQ, Edward's pies (my dad's favorite) and enjoyed talking, laughing and catching up.  Jason rode his bike home (the one not delivered to Birmingham) and I drove, getting home around 5:00 pm and finishing up some things around the house that hadn't gotten tackled. When I DO have energy, I like to seize the moment and quite literally become a tornado of activity cramming it all in before I feel the need to lie on the couch like some sort of invalid.

WHEW!  Now it is Monday morning and I've walked with my sis, seen Jason off to work, and I'm having breakfast, catching up on a little blog reading and writing, sipping a little coffee before tackling my "to do" list and getting ready for the Ironman.  My mom and dad are driving to Idaho to hang with me and cheer for Jason too.  We thought it might be good for this 33 week pregnant lady to have a little support herself...just in case, and I am so glad they are coming!  Mom and Dad love traveling out west and also have plans to visit Glacier National Park after the event. 

I'm excited about this trip.  It is sort of our last big adventure before we are parents for real and adventures become a little less frequent.  I love watching Jason participate in the Ironman - and a side note here - if you ever get a chance to spectate this event, DO IT!  It will blow your mind, inspire you beyond belief, and if you let it, set your own imagination to wondering what YOU are capable of achieving.  It is amazing to watch, especially when a loved one is participating.  I have the utmost respect for these athletes and I feel a kinship with all of them even though I am not an Ironman myself.  I want to cheer for them ALL, pat them all on the back, and say WELL DONE!  I always get emotional when I see Jason finish his marathon.  I feel pride as he completes such a challenging feat, relief that the man I love is okay, inspiration, excitement, amazement, all wrapped into that moment when I see his form round the last corner and head for the finish line.  I want to hug the volunteer that takes care of him afterward, and I am like an adoring fan when he is finally handed off to me.
Jason's first Ironman, Louisville, Kentucky 2010
Jason's second Ironman, Madison, Wisconsin 2011
And yes, there will be more homemade fan club t-shirts like the one above for not only me and Eloise, but Mom and Dad as well.  More on that to come!


  1. Hey! That was Geno that you saw. He told me that the dog was after him close to the end of the race. I thought I saw you too! I was in line for the start, and I thought I saw you standing off to the side (in an orange shirt). I wanted to stop and say hello, but before I knew it, the race had started. I was so far back from the starting line, that I had no idea the race was about to begin.

    We did not hang around after the race. Geno was able to pick up his award early and we headed back home. Congrats to Jason! His time was great!!!

  2. Well how cool is that! Yes, that was me! You know, they did start the race early because I looked at my watch when the gun fired and it was not 7:00 yet. A ton of people were still running to the start line. :)

    Well next time hopefully there will be time to say hi!

  3. Sounds like you are doing well with everything while being in your 3rd trimester!! Great job!! Wow Jason is an awesome athlete, I didn't realize this was his 3rd Ironman, very impressive!! My hubby is not into running long distances but he does enjoy heavy lifting. My stepbrother wants to do an Ironman in the future, he currently has been competing in Olympic Tris. I really want to come out to Coeur d'Alene and watch some of the race but not sure my hubs will be up for it, sounds like an amazing race to watch.