Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Suzy's in the House

So yesterday was a pretty great day.  I went for a good 5 miler and the rainy weather allowed me to do so around 10:00 a.m. without the heat being a factor. That meant I had a little breakfast in my system and a little more energy, plus since I'd taken Sunday completely off I was well rested.  I am still in love with those days when I have a good run.  Of course, I think I felt that way before pregnancy and I can honestly say I savored every run I could when we knew getting pregnant could happen any time, but having a good run at 31 weeks pregnant...well, I didn't expect that.

I then tackled the dishes, laundry, caught up with some clients, wrote some thank you cards, dusted, vacuumed, bought Jason and I some books from Barnes & Noble and picked up groceries as well.  Then I came home and made a scrumptious dinner of blackened Salmon, steamed squash and crescent rolls. This was the first time I'd ever steamed squash so I treated it like steaming any other veggie and it turned out PERFECT.  I was a little surprised.  Usually my skills with a new dish take some time to develop.  Yes, even the simple ones.  So I was very pleased with how it turned out and Jason enjoyed it as well.  Tonight I'm thinking some sort of chicken with steamed asparagus and I might try my hand at corn bread.  I mean if I am going to be a stay-at-home mom and wife, I'd better be able to make a little more than tacos, breakfast and crock pot chicken.  Not that those things are bad, I just think we need more variety. 

The only negative side to yesterday was heartburn.  I'm afraid it is upon me.  I believed I must be doing something right since I'd hardly had any at all, but I'm not sure there is a whole lot a pregnant lady can do by the end that will combat the size and placement of the uterus in relation to all the other poor, squooshed organs in there.  I eat small meals.  I don't eat fried or greasy foods (okay, once in a while I like a chicken finger or two).  I drink plenty of water and try to limit more acidic foods.  I'm just not sure what else can be done except to visit the Tums, which I did twice yesterday.  I'm not super crazy about taking any medicine during pregnancy because the little girl gets a full dose of it just like I do and she is considerably smaller, but Tums seem mostly okay to me.  They are on my doctor approved list, although so are a lot of other medicines I won't take.

My only other unpleasant symptom so far is back aches.  The odd thing is, my back does not ache where the pregnancy books say it will ache.  Instead of hurting in my lower back, it aches up between my shoulders.  I guess that has to do with alignment and how my posture is changing, plus maybe the added weight is also a factor.  On the nights when Jason rubs Icy Hot on it, it is much better and I am able to sleep more comfortably.  I try to stretch and move around plenty during the day so that they don't get sore and stiff, but every evening the aches return.  I'm thinking I will add some foam roller time to Jason's Icy Hot treatments and maybe that will help things too.

Other than that, I cannot complain.  And I feel badly when I find myself looking forward to the days when I am not pregnant.  Compared to many pregnancies I've heard about and many of the possible issues that can arise, mine has been a breeze.  I hear so many women talk about how they love being pregnant and they discuss the parts they miss.  I do love feeling this little girl move around and boy is she busy these days!  But I look forward to when she is here and I can hold her and look at her and kiss those soft cheeks.  I also look forward to this belly being gone.  I look forward to running normally, to not having to use the bathroom all the time (or as often at the very least), to getting up and down with ease (getting out of bed is sort of hilarious) and to being able to get comfy in bed again... even if for just a few minutes between taking care of a new baby girl.  I look forward to feeling somewhat attractive again.  Not that I think I'm a hideous monster but all it takes is a romantic scene on TV and I have to sigh just a little.   

For now, however, I am barefoot and pregnant at almost 31 weeks (tomorrow), and life is good.  I am truly enjoying my time at home taking care of the house, my man, myself and getting ready for Eloise Jane to get here.  Her room is still a disaster area, but I plan to do some organizing today so that when her furniture arrives it can also fit into her room.  I'm also going to purchase a wooden file cabinet for my business and get my stacks organized.  And then I will make another delicious and nutritious dinner for me and my fella... and maybe some peach cobbler for dessert.  Suzy's in the house!


  1. Sounds like things are going great! Your pregnancy has went very well and I'm glad you haven't had any major issues. Maybe all you need is a pregnancy massage, I got one and it was wonderful and I wish I would of gotten more because not only does it feel good but it helps de-stress. Excited for you, she will be here before you know it :)

  2. You are doing wonderful. Alas, there is so little room, that heartburn can be a real bear. Hang in there and crunch a few more Tums!

  3. Kris, I've considered a pregnancy massage. I've got to do something about these back aches - they aren't bad until I try to lie down and sleep! Erg! I have a great massage therapist I see when training and she does prenatal massage as well. I might have to bit the bullet and go see her.

    Thank you, Kathy! So far the heartburn hasn't been so bad after that day...so maybe it will be sparse during the rest of this pregnancy. A girl can hope, right? :)