Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday's Treat

Today's treat is a refreshing, summer-y beverage perfect for not only the thirsty health conscious person, but for pregnant thirsty health conscious peeps as well (especially those trying to remain hydrated at all times).  I will call it Jason's Green Tea because he started making it and now I make it exactly like he makes it for Jason-like results.

We mostly use Bigelow Green tea which you can get in bulk at Sam's, but I sometimes by flavored green teas by Lipton as well.  We use 10 tea bags (yes, we like it to be flavorful) for 1 pitcher of tea.  Here's how we do it:

1. Put a kettle on to boil the water.
2. Once water is at a boil, remove from stove and place 10 tea bags in water (less if you don't want it that strong).
3. Leave tea bags no more than 5 minutes or tea will be bitter. 3-4 minutes is probably best.
4. While tea bags are steeping, fill a pitcher with ice cubes.
5. Add 1/4 cup of honey to hot tea and stir.
6. Pour hot tea over ice cubes and you are DONE!

Delicious tea to quench your thirst, keep caffeine intake low (should that be a concern) with just a little sweetness (you can leave that out if you prefer unsweet) to feel like a treat.  I LOVE IT!  We go through a pitcher every 2 days...which is why we buy in bulk.  You can also get a 5 lb bottle of honey at Sam's.  

Can you find the pup?

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