Monday, July 23, 2012

Waiting and Wishing and Hoping and Praying

Okay, so patience is not really my strong suit.  Or some days it is and some days it isn't.  But these days I'm starting to lean more toward it ISN'T!  I have gone for walks (although more for my regular fitness routine than for trying to help labor along), I have tried to eat my fruits and veggies (because I believe foods can be healing and help your body do what it needs to labor), I've tried to stay active but rest too, I'm staying hydrated, I'm taking my vitamins and my nursery is READY... so where is Eloise???  I TOLD her we were nice and there was more room out here for stretching.  I told her it was warm and she had a cute dog to meet and a totally rockin' wardrobe thanks to all her friends and family, and a super cute room...  But no.  No luck.  Not even a hint of a contraction.  Nada. 

So my other option is patience.  So deep breath...and patience. 

It doesn't help that a few of my friends post regular pictures of their newborns on Facebook.  I want to snuggle one of those!  I walk around the house doing this and that, hoping any minute I'll have to stop what I'm doing and breathe through a contraction but... no such luck.  Sometimes my belly feels very low, heavy and tight, but it does not hurt so I'm thinking it is not a contraction (although I have this fantasy that I'll go to my doc appointment on Thursday and they'll say, "Oh you are in labor!  She's coming right now!  Didn't you feel this?"  And I'll be like, "No, I haven't" and be all surprised because I'm just THAT tough).  Don't roll your eyes.  Let a pregnant girl dream, okay? 

And this blog...which is titled, "See Jane Run" and is all about running, training, racing, coaching, and... nursery themes?  If Eloise would get here, we could at least start talking about getting back into shape after having a baby, returning to running, and plan a 5k or two. 


So since Eloise is taking her sweet time, doing who knows what in that tiny space, I will resume my waiting and my posting about baby stuff, baby preparation, and what little bits of exercise I can get my extremely pregnant self to do these days. 

Today I'm vacuuming and steaming the floors (vigorously), dragging all the cardboard boxes that held baby stuff out to the road, packing Eloise's hospital bag and mine as well (or as much of mine as I can pack at this point).  I'm going to Wal-mart to get groceries so we are well stocked in case Eloise decides to come.  I already walked a mile with Chance, so I may need to do a bit more to get in my hour of exercise today. 

In the meantime, here are two more pictures of Eloise's updated room!  The oh-so-cute valance is hung, along with another little picture I received as a gift.  I put some of her things together (all by myself, I might add), and her room is mostly DONE!  All it lacks is a mattress, which I have ordered so it should arrive this week.  Her sheets are clean and ready to put on the mattress when it arrives.  All systems are GO if only Eloise would get here!

This one is a little dark, but I'm trying to show you the valance and the two things I put together yesterday.  Just call me Macgyver. 
The glider (which I also put together) and the other little picture. It kind of looks high and small in this picture so...I'm not sure if I will leave it there or not.

Ready to change diapers!
And with that, I'm off to get started on the rest of my day.  If I sit here too long, I'll talk myself into reading one of my fabulous library books and I won't get to work! 

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  1. I love her room! And I am getting low on patience, too! Come on already, Eloise!