Tuesday, August 28, 2012

An Early Morning Surprise

So yesterday afternoon I got a little out of sorts.  I wanted to get some exercise but it was 93 degrees outside and I was bored by the idea of hopping on my treadmill (something I MUST get over, I know).  I couldn't figure out what to do about dinner, I didn't know when Jason was coming home, and my little girl just wanted to be held (by far the best part of the afternoon).  And on top of that, by the late afternoon, this new mama starts to fade.  I think that's why a dinner decision seemed so hard. 

Jason talked it over with me and I told him that waiting until the afternoon to exercise was too hard.  He suggested hopping on the treadmill as soon as we got up and I agreed that was a good plan.  He also said if I could be back by 6:00 a.m. in the morning for him to go on his run, I could get mine in that way as well.  I had considered this but worried Eloise might wake up between her last early morning feeding and the time I got back.  Jason said he didn't mind that. 

So this morning Eloise woke up at 3:48 a.m. to eat and I considered my options.  If I could get her back to sleep by 5:15, I was going to go.  Well, she waited until the VERY last minute to go back to sleep, but she did.  I very gently laid her back down before making a mad dash to change into my running clothes and get out the door. 

It was still dark.  I wasn't thrilled with that but I knew if I wanted to run, I had to make it happen, and that would mean doing things like running in the dark and on the treadmill sometimes.  In the past I've always had my running girls so I haven't minded running in the dark, but with Eloise's unpredictable morning schedule and me just getting back into it, I knew I'd be going solo for a while.

I started my watch and began to walk as a warm-up before running.  I like to ease my body into it these days, just as I did in my pregnancy.  As I started walking, I heard voices behind me and glanced back.  I could make out two runners coming down my road, but I couldn't see well enough to recognize who they were.  I didn't think they were MY girls because they usually run in a much bigger pack.  When they got closer, however, I heard one of them say, "Is that Jane?" 

Sure enough, it WAS two of my girls!  Kristen and Jan were getting in an 8 miler and just happened to be coming down my road at the exact moment I started my run.  I was so excited!  I ran a little over a mile with them before they exited my neighborhood and I looped back.  It was so fun to run and chat for a bit, catching up on things for a few minutes before parting ways just as it was getting light outside.

I finished my 3 miles just in time to get back by 6:00 so Jason could go for his run.  I smiled as I quickly hopped in the shower while my baby still slept.  What a lovely morning surprise and a lovely  morning run!


  1. That's an awesome surprise!! You are doing great by the way with being a new mama and getting back to running :) I've been reading your posts but haven't been able to comment. Keep up the great work mama :)

  2. Yay for friends! That's perfect that you saw them that morning. Juggling kids and running definitely takes a solid bit of sacrifice and determination, but it sounds like you have some great options and a flexible husband. Great things to help you on your road.