Friday, September 7, 2012

Running for Community

Now that I'm a nursing mom, I spend a good portion of each day sitting on the couch feeding a little girl.  Providing me with entertainment during this time is usually the Today Show followed by the Nate Berkus Show, and in the afternoon, the Ellen Degeneres Show.  I look forward to these 3 shows every day, as they make me laugh, keep me company, and fill me with all sorts of ideas and information.  I don't always get to watch them straight through so I miss a lot or have to rewind to see what I missed, but I still enjoy all the snippets I do get when I can get them.

Watching the Nate Berkus show, I get all kinds of good tips and tricks for arranging rooms, decorating a home (a skill I've never have), and I get some good (easy) recipes as well.  I also love watching how he helps people by fixing up their living space so they can enjoy it. It may seem trivial, but never underestimate the power of enjoying one's living space! The Ellen show has touched me in many ways as she reaches out to people already doing something for their community and makes it possible for them to do even more.

I've found myself thinking many times as I watch these shows, "That is so amazing!  I wish I could help like that!"  And then I thought..."well why can't you?  You have a little running company, use that and start paying attention to how you can help!"  I did some looking and some thinking and I found my starting point.

The Jingle Bell 5k for Arthritis is a race I've participated in since its beginning.  I've had a team every year and have tried to out-fundraise the corporate companies and stay in the top 5 teams... mostly just for the fun of the challenge.  I never manage it, but I still form a pretty good sized team and raise a good bit of money in the process, so I'm always happy with that.

This year I'm trying to do a bit more.  I'm using Running Start, LLC to help.  IF runners sign up to run the Jingle Bell 5k for Arthritis with my team, The Red-Nosed Runners, they become eligible for a special deal with Running Start, LLC.  If they are interested, they can purchase a $50.00 personalized 5k training plan.  This plan will be geared specifically to the athlete and their running goal, whether it is to simply finish the 5k or to run a faster 5k or to beat their nemesis - whatever!  For each training plan purchased, $25.00 will go toward our team's donation to the Arthritis Foundation.

I have no idea how successful this will be or if anyone will participate and purchase a training plan, but the only way to get started in helping my community get started!  After this 5k is over, I will look for another way to help.  It may not always be with fundraising, but it might!  The idea is alive, my brain is storming, my eyes are open and I'm looking for ways to help.  I'm sort of disappointed in myself that I didn't start my company this way, but I can now so here we go!

If YOU, dear reader, want to join our team or contribute to our team, follow this link:

If you sign up for the race and join The Red-Nosed Runners and want your 5k training plan, go here.  Running Start, LLC will be notified when you sign up and you will receive a questionnaire asking you all about your current fitness level and your goal for the Jingle Bell 5k.  Within 2 days you will receive your training plan and you will have constant access to me if you need help along the way. 

And as your final bonus, if you've read this far here is a picture of my cute kid.  

Eloise Jane at 5 weeks old

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