Monday, September 10, 2012

Our Big Weekend

Well, Miss Eloise had a BIG weekend and her mom and dad had a blast!  It started Saturday afternoon with a running girls family cookout.  My morning crew (and yes, I still claim them even though it has been a while since I've been a true part of the group) planned a cookout for all of us to get together and it was Eloise's first big event.  I spent the morning making mini fruit pizzas on sugar cookies and getting in a quick run before the cookout. We were, of course, a bit late because Eloise decided to have a big diaper and some spit up minutes before we were supposed to be there but my girls understood.  It was wonderful showing her off to such dear friends, talking, laughing and catching up over great food.  I cannot WAIT to join them once again for a morning run!

The group with only 2 gals missing
Sunday morning was Eloise's first church service and I was so excited!  I was ready to go myself, ready to show her off again to friends, ready to hold her and worship next to my sweet family.  And the day went perfectly!  I got up at 6:30, fed her and made coffee before handing her off to Jason so I could get ready.  We got there a bit early to make sure to get a seat, and my sis and her family sat with us as always.  Friends crowded around us when we arrived and it was the best feeling.  Eloise slept for the entire service in her dad's arms and Jason beamed with pride as he held her.

All dressed up and ready to go!
"Yeah church!" or according to Jason, "Fight the Power!"
After church we grabbed some lunch and relaxed for a bit before Jason and I took turns running and then getting ready once again for our small group, another first for Eloise.  That went well too, except it fell right when she was supposed to eat.  I nursed her a little toward the end and then we had to make a dash home before a full meltdown ensued.  Again, it was so wonderful to see our good friends, show off our little bundle of joy, and do a little catching up.  Several of my friends in this group are newish mamas as well and they are great with answering questions and comparing notes and child-raising stories.  I love seeing their little ones in action and imagining what Eloise will be like when she enters each stage of her life.

I got in some great runs this weekend too.  The weather has finally turned a bit cooler, and while not totally fall-like yet, I can feel it coming.  And what a relief that will be!  I'm focusing on consistency right now, running 2-3.5 miles a day to get my running fitness back.  I have my 6 week check-up this Wednesday and after the all-clear from my doc I will begin base building in earnest.  I plan to start working on my abs and upper body once the doc says I'm good to go, and I will slowly work in some higher intensity runs, adding distance slowly as I go, but more on that in a later post.

Today Eloise and I both took the mother of all naps.  I had planned to rest with her for only an hour or so this afternoon, but I woke up over 3 hours later shocked that I'd slept so long.  I guess we both needed some good rest after such a busy, fun-filled weekend.  As I woke up and looked at the sweet face sleeping close to me, I was overcome as I often am these days by gratitude, pride in my little girl, and joy.  Pure joy.


  1. What a great weekend! Eloise did so well! And that nap was much deserved and much needed :).

  2. What a wonderful weekend! Eloise is so beautiful and reminds me of my little Bean when she was newborn. I have done the too long of nap too! It's a new mama or just mama thing because it still happens to me too :)