Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Week of Running and Fun

So this weekend was Eloise's longest trip from home to date.  We took her to Jason's parents' house in Kentucky and she did wonderfully!  She slept the whole way there and the whole way home, which I thought was more than a new mom could hope for.  Jason's parents loved getting to see her and spend time with her and it was a wonderful weekend all around.

On Saturday I went for a run through the countryside and it was a great run.  The course is super duper crazy hilly and I wanted six miles but I just wasn't sure if I could do it for the second time post-baby on such a hilly course.  I debated the whole way and thought of all the reasons why it would be okay if I only ran the 4 mile route, but I just wasn't satisfied with any of them.  I finally gave it up and ran the entire route, telling myself if I needed to walk, I could.  Well, I DID NOT WALK and I felt like super woman because of that.  I finished in exactly one hour and felt like super woman again because I was sure with all those hills I had slowed down more than that. 

I saw 9 fuzzy caterpillars, 2 snakes (one squooshed, one slithering), 2 barns of tobacco, which smelled surprisingly good, two dogs who thankfully took no interest in me, and a herd of dairy cows that I spoke to as I ran by.

Here's a cute picture from the weekend.  

Sunday was a rest day as we went to church and then drove home.  On Monday my mom came and I ran 5 faster miles and then walked and jogged 3 more with my sister.  Mom helped me tackle the mounds of laundry that had accumulated before and during our little trip and held Eloise while I did some other things as well.  It was a very productive day and I was zonked afterward!

Can you find Waldo?
On Tuesday my sister called to say she was surprising her kids with a trip to the Botanical Gardens and asked if we would like to go.  It was a gorgeous day and so I said yes.  I hurried through 40 minutes of wonderful torture with Jillian Michaels and put a new chicken recipe in the crock pot before showering and heading to the Botanical Gardens with Mom.  It was, of course, Eloise's first ever visit there and while she took cat naps through some of it, we got some cute pictures too.

Eloise's first visit to the Botanical Gardens!
Aunt Jane wouldn't...would she?

Mom and Eloise taking a break.

Me and my Bug...I think we were talking about hair styles here...

Yes, as the mom of an 11 week old, this is the size I need.

Running from Shelob.

Goldilocks and the three bears.

Me and my little sun flower.
And that leaves today.  Today I am wearing down a bit.  My sweet baby girl isn't the best sleeper in the world and that means her mama doesn't get a whole lot either.  We are making it and I obviously get enough to get by if I can cram this much fun into each day, but... well... I could use a bit more.  Today I drug myself and my non-sleeping baby girl to my sister's house and I ran 4.5 miles hitting one major hill in the middle.  It was a hard run but a good one.  I'm getting there and that is what counts.  Despite not getting all the sleep I'd like, it has been a WONDERFUL week so far with Eloise Jane and friends. 


  1. Fun day!! Great pictures! It took me a minute to find Waldo on the bed! :-)