Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Successfully Six

Yesterday I made it to 6 miles!  It felt a little more like a long run than I would have liked, but it was still a good run.  My time was 59:20 and I was really pleased with that.  I tried to slow it down a bit to make sure I could go the distance and when I got to 4 miles I tried to pick it up and finish strong.  I succeeded, but it was a challenge. 

My splits were as follows:

Mile 1 - 10:05
Mile 2 - 9:56
Mile 3 - 10:01
Mile 4 - 10:05
Mile 5 - 9:32
Mile 6 - 9:38

Right now, being 10 weeks post baby, I am really happy with anything under a 10 minute pace.  Actually, I'm happy with miles run over a 10 minute pace, but going under means I am getting stronger.  My plan now is to hang out here, running 4-6 miles a day until all splits are around 9:00-9:30 pace and then I will add more mileage.  I don't want to keep adding mileage and keep slowing down to accommodate it, but I did want to get up to 6 miles with my endurance before focusing on a stronger pace.

This morning I met my girls at 5:15 and ran 4 miles with them.  It was not the first time I've run with them, but it is the first time I drove to our meeting place...just like I used to do.  They are in their taper weeks before their marathon next weekend, so they only needed 4 miles.  That was perfect for me and I felt good the entire way.  It was so nice to run and chat or just listen to the chatter around me.  It always makes the miles fly by when I run them with my girls.  I'm planning to visit a friend today who had her son a few weeks after I had Eloise, so I knew this might be my only shot at some exercise. 

So now it's on with my day...and some coffee.