Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bits and Pieces

1. My baby hasn't pooped since November 18 and when she pooped that day it was because we held a suppository in that special place for 5 minutes (doctor's suggestion).  Yep.  I have talked to our doc multiple times and she says breast milk is so well broken down already that my baby is absorbing most of it.  And since she's not unhappy, uncomfortable or having hard stools, she's fine.  But I prefer for me and all my peeps to be regular, and so this stresses me somewhat. The doc said 2 ounces of diluted apple juice a day and I think I'm going to start giving her the entire bottle until I see results.

2.  I watched the American Music Awards for the first time ever the other day and I came away with a few things.
  • I love Taylor Swift and I don't care who knows.  
  • I don't understand Justin Bieber's pants.  I know for a fact if I wore pants I had to constantly grab in the crotch area on national television my mom would have a word with me, even at the age of 32.  
  • Pink's performance was amazing.  Simply amazing.  
  • I think I could be a famous rapper because all you have to do is jump around and say "party" over and over again.  I wouldn't want to wear the pants, though, so that's out.  But I really can rap.
 3.  I saw a hawk the other day on my run and he was amazing.  I've seen them from time to time while running, but I've never been this close or in such a residential area when I saw one.  This guy was sitting on the post of a brick fence bordering a fancy neighborhood and he was right next to the path where I was running.  Man, he was gorgeous.

4.  I almost have 5 clients at one time right now (2 are just now starting with me and I have 3 regulars) with Running Start, LLC and I love love love it.  All of them are seeing results too and I love love love that.  They've gotten PRs in the 5k, consecutive PRs in the half-marathon, weight loss goals met... it is just exciting to be a part of their journey this way.  I love it.

5.  Now that it is chilly outside, I think I could double my coffee intake.  I want it all day long.  Not for the caffeine, although I'm sure that helps, but for the sheer pleasure of a delicious warm beverage.  I try to space it out and I do switch to decaf if we have any... but I am in a serious daily love affair with my coffee.

6.  Next week I have something to do every day.  All of it is fun, though, so I'm not dreading it.  My sis told me to eat my wheaties.

7.  Next week I'm also doing something cool (I think) on this blog which I am calling Promotion Power Week.  I couldn't think of a more creative name, so PPW it is.  Stay tuned to find out just what, exactly, it is.  I will tell you there's a giveaway at the end and lots of chances to do good in the middle.

8.  Eloise do I describe her... pure joy.  She makes hilarious noises these days that make Jason and me laugh.  She squeals, she coos, she hollers, she smiles all the time.  She is also a major wiggle worm.  Major. This child wants to GO all the time.  She doesn't know where, but she wants to go there.  When she can crawl...oh my word.  She already thinks she should stand up every moment she isn't sleeping.  I feel that I should have huge arm muscles and I check them out from time to time to see if I am buff.  I don't look it, but don't try to arm wrestle me.  She may be stressing me out by not pooing, but oh my word, I love this child.  As I sit here and blog, she has been in her swing, in her chair, and now she is in my lap sucking on the desk.  Maybe it has fiber.  Maybe she will poo today.  I'll let you know.

9.  I plan to decorate for Christmas on Dec 1.  I'm in the process of cleaning and neatening in preparation because if I don't the extra stuff in my house makes me crazy.  I think I am the anti hoarder.

10.  It is time for a second cup of coffee.  Happy Wednesday!


  1. I need some of your anti-hoarding vibes to rub off on me. I have a hard time throwing things out. I'm also glad that other adults love Taylor Swift. We had a sing along at Thanksgiving. Except it was me and everyone under 13 singing.

    1. Oooh that is so funny about Taylor Swift. I think I like every single song of hers that I've heard and I know I would have been one with her in spirit back in high school. :)

  2. I think she's not pooping cause she is storing all the milk in her cheeks:).