Sunday, November 4, 2012

Running and Raising the Napless Wonder

Hi Friends!  I really don't like going as long between blog posts, but these days I never know when I'll get a chance to write about all the important, oh-so-interesting things going on in my life. But please don't give up on me!  I'm not quitting, just having longer pauses.

So let's talk first about running since this is a running blog after all, and I am getting back to it!  Most of the time it is absolutely great.  With the fall weather upon us, my runs are stronger and more enjoyable each day and I am slowly getting closer to wear I used to be, which feels great both physically and mentally. From time to time I have a few runs that are just hard and it can be a tad discouraging, but my wonderful husband encourages me to push through it and just keep running, so I do. 

In August I ran 18 miles.  ha!  In September I ran 68 miles.  In October I ran 114 miles, and I hope to increase that even more in November.  When December gets here, depending on my consistency and running pace, I will change from base-building to actual training for my half-marathon in March.  I'm not sure what I will race before/after that, but for now that is what I have on the calendar.  And I am excited!

Today I had a GREAT run.  I took two days off because I was fighting off the beginnings of mastitis and let's face it, when your chest hurts you don't really want things bouncing around or crammed into a sports bra, so I just rested.  That meant today's run was good and strong, giving me my fastest 6 mile time since Eloise was born.  I ran 6.1 miles in 55:27 with splits reading 9:01, 9:25, 9:21, 9:04, 8:51, 8:57.  I am really happy with that. 

My runs usually range from 4-6 miles each day with 2 days off most weeks due to lack of sleep finally catching up to me or there being no way to fit it into the day.  I got up to 7 miles last week with Mom and that was really fun.  We took it easy, but hit several hard hills along the way. 

And the Napless Wonder, also known as Eloise, is 3 months old!  It is hard to believe so much time has passed and it will soon be Thanksgiving and then Christmas (two more changes for fun firsts in my baby girl's life)... and then 2013! 

So, Eloise doesn't nap.  And really, since she sleeps pretty well most nights I guess I will take it.  She usually falls asleep in my arms a few times each day, but when I try to lay her down her eyes pop open and she is immediately wide awake and ready to go.  It is crazy.  I have a routine/schedule and I pick up on when she is starting to get tired at set times each day.  I give her the pacifier and rock her in her room and she usually falls asleep, but in order for her to stay that way she has to be held.  That means chores, work out videos, blogging, etc. do not get done as easily as I thought they would, but we are making it.  Eloise goes from her chair to her swing to the front pack (the backpack thing that goes on the front), to being held.  When Mom comes, I get to squeeze in a run or some chores, and I take her to my sister's once or twice a week to run as well.  But wow.  I thought babies slept!

A few days ago I tried the cry-it-out method just to see if it would work.  I got Eloise to sleep and put her down in her bassinet.  She woke up as usual, so I patted her and put the paci back in her mouth.  Then I hopped in the shower.  I could hear her, but figured it would be short.  I got out of the shower, dried my hair and got dressed, all the while listening to her cry (vehemently) and going in to pat her every few minutes.  After 35 minutes, I'd had enough.  There is no way I'm cut out for that method and to me, it just doesn't seem right to let her get that upset.  We will figure this nap thing out, but it won't be that way!  I felt like the meanest person on the planet!

Most of the time our days are simply wonderful and I still can't believe that this little life is mine.  I mean, she belongs to the Lord, of course, but He has intrusted her with me and I can't believe it.  I also can't believe that a little over 3 months ago, this little girl wasn't here and now all of a sudden there is this life, this soul, this heartbeat and she is mine... I guess parents get used to this eventually...?

And now for some cuteness.  Enjoy!

Eloise Jane was a tiger for her first Halloween
And this is how I decorated my trunk at our church's annual Trunk-or-Treat event
The fam at Jason's work picnic - Eloise 13 weeks!
Hanging with her cousins, Thor and the Karate Kid on Halloween (and just so you know, that girl is really a green belt!)
Because I think my baby girl is just beautiful.


  1. You are making good progress! And I can't believe you got Jason to agree to wear that costume...or to have it on the web for all to see!!! He is a good sport!! Eloise looks adorable. :)

  2. Hi I'm Heather! Please email me when you get a chance, I have a question about your blog! LifesABanquet1(at)

  3. She is beautiful ... in every way!! So happy to see that motherhood agrees with every way also. Of, course, I'm not surprised. She is so blessed to have you as her mom and Jason too, of course!

    Sorry to be so slow in getting a little gift off to you. It's soon to arrive, I promise.

    Love you