Friday, November 9, 2012

Eloise Bend

On my parents' land, also known as Marathon Mountain, they have many trails and fields and all of these trails and fields have names.  One Christmas my sister and I thought it would be fun to make road signs with all the names on them and since then every time they blaze a new trail it not only gets a name, but a sign.  

Most of these trails and fields are named after family.  There are a few that are not such as Spotted Fawn Trail and Locke Field (named after John Locke), but most are named after their kids and their kids' kids.  There is a Janie Way (me) and a Jason Path (husband) and now, on what has been "No Name Trail" for the longest time, there is an Eloise Bend.  Mom and Dad purchased the sign and while we were there this past Saturday, they hung it and we took pictures of this momentous occasion.  

Mom and Dad hanging the sign.

Eloise looks on

Me and my girl on her trail

Grandpod and Gran with me and baby E

The fam

The trail

And our first walk down Eloise Bend

And I think you'll agree, on this lovely fall day, this is a beautiful trail!
It will be a wonderful day when little E can run helther skelter down her very own trail!  I hope she loves it and I look forward to our many adventures on Marathon Mountain.


  1. Precious!!

  2. I love that! And your family is beautiful!

  3. That is such a neat idea. The pictures are just so pretty an fallish! Good seeing you on Saturday!