Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sleep, Eat, Run

Let me just say Thanksgiving was lovely and wonderful!  Not only did we go to beautiful Kentucky to hang with Jason's parents (which is always fun), but I think I was spoiled more than Eloise!  With plenty of arms wanting to hold her, I took long, luxurious naps each morning after her 5:00 a.m. feeding, I ran whenever I wanted, and my mom-in-law and I got to do some Black Friday shopping as well.  The last day there I slept until 10:00 a.m.!  I don't think I've done that in years!  As for a first Thanksgiving for my little girl, it was perfect.  It is always such a sweet sight to see grandparents love their grandchildren.  I had some of the best grandparents in the whole world and it brings me so much happiness to see that Eloise has two wonderful sets as well!

Every day except Black Friday I ran the crazy-hilly, beautiful route that I always run when we go to Kentucky.  The hills are monstrous and rolling, but I absolutely love this route.  Being able to do it right now at sub 10:00 pace just makes me feel... tough.  And like I am in a good place as far as my running is concerned.  I ran the 6 mile route 3 times and it felt great every time.  After the second day my knee was a little stiff so I took Black Friday off and shopped with my mom-in-law and then Jason after lunch.  But on Saturday my body was ready again and I ran it just as strongly as ever. 

And, as always but especially on Thanksgiving, there was delicious food to be eaten.  Jason's mom is a great cook and her Thanksgiving meal was perfection!  Let me just say it is a good thing I was running each day!  I ate and ate and ate.  And slept.  And ran.  And ate.  I watched my baby girl smile and squirm and notice the world around her.  It seems like she changes almost daily.  She has started reaching for things and putting them in her mouth.  She can almost sit up without any help, and the noises she makes are loud and hilarious,  especially when she decides to let out a squeal during a diaper change in the middle of the night! 

Now Jason and I are back home and it will be back to the old grind until Christmas.  Although, with Christmas on the horizon and the decorating, shopping, present-wrapping, and all the other festivities that go along with it, not to mention sharing it all with my baby girl for the FIRST time ever, I don't think it will seem like the old grind at all. 

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