Monday, December 31, 2012

A First Christmas in Pictures

We will start here with the cutest Christmas baby ever.

We've added another penguin to our growing colony.

Help! There's a snow leopard amongst the penguins!

Doing a little baking in prep for Jason's family to come over.  I think Eloise is ready for her first kiss.

As I left for my run on Saturday morning, Jason returned from his and helped me finish up some chores.

Jason's parents, sister and her fam came to see us and celebrate!

Time to open some presents. Evie is helping pass them out.

Jason helps Eloise open her first present.

She loves it.

Her reaction to this toy was hilarious. She LOVED it!

Cooperating, as usual, and smiling for the camera. Ha.

What I like about this one is the drool on my shoulder and the way my father-in-law is holding his granddaughter. 

A little fun before church Sunday morning.
At my sister's Christmas Eve, opening a present from her cousin, CJ.
I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus...wait, that's Dad!  He got Mom an iPad and she loves it!

Christmas morning!  Santa came!

She loves it!  Score!

Playing with her new train Christmas morning.

Jason picked out a teddy bear for his girl.  "Thanks, Daddy!"
My sister showing Eloise her "Little People" Nativity set Christmas morning.

Eloise got her very own chair from Gran and Grandpod!

She loves it!

Playing with all her loot when we returned home Christmas morning.  Merry Christmas!

Because she's just cute!  What a wonderful first Christmas!


  1. Great pictures, what a cutie!! Happy New Year!!

  2. Oh I could just eat her up! I love all her new toys and she looks like such a big girl in her new chair! I can't wait to see her!! Shannon

    1. Thank you, Shannon! We are both ready to see you!!!